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Roku account setup

How to add Private channels to your Roku?

The Roku hidden channels are the ones which are found hidden inside the channel store
These channels are also the similar entity like the applications that are found
Some of the private channels offer adult-rated content which is deemed unhealthy by many people
Even content from third-party websites are permitted with certain limits
Roku does not want these channels to be displayed publicly as it would defame their global presence
You must use special Roku activation code to activate channels of this kind
Nowhere man

The Nowhere man is especially known for its possession of a variety of channels
The clients reportedly are Songza, the Khan Academy, Twitter and Vine
Use the web browser to add the private channel on your Roku device
Login using the credentials and also surf to the My account page
Now click the Add channel option
Always ensure that you have a proper Roku code
If you seek assistance for activating the Roku private channels, then you can refer the page or call the Roku technical support to sort out any issue +1-844-581-4357