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Two SECRET Words That Will Improve Your Life, FOREVER

At one time I hired someone to do some The Light Code Review secretarial work for me. When I first hired her she told me that she had some people who refused to pay her for more work. What I found out was that she was a perfectionist and would keep re-doing the same page until it met her standards and then would charge me for the time that she spent re-doing the work, and then they expected me to pay her for that time even though I did not ask her to keep redoing the page. In this respect she was defeating and hurting her own business, because our clients felt they were being used to increase her income instead of trying to meet the needs of our clients.

So as you can see it is important to learn to have a good communication skills because even if you work for yourself you need to make sure that you understand what your clients needs are and not try to read their mind as to what their needs are. In the workplace having good communication skills helps you build relationships with your coworkers. It also helps you increase your worth to the company you work for an increases your opportunity for promotion with in the company.

Having good communication skills helps you increase your opportunities for leadership positions with in a company and also opportunities to build relationships with people who will eventually become your clients if you have your own business. So it is up to you to determine what changes you want to make within your self and where it you will go to seek the help to make the changes that you need.