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Orthodontics is no longer just a child's thing. If you are not happy with your smile or if your bite is causing health problems, today you have comfortable and effective treatments  for people of 20, 30, 40 and even 60 years of age. Invisalign is the invisible orthodontic alternative for adults, just as effective as the classic metal brackets, but without its aesthetic drawbacks.

The Invisalign Doctors Near Me makes it possible to correct the poor positioning of the teeth by means of transparent plastic splints. Being removable and practically imperceptible to the eye, they are very convenient and comfortable for adults, facilitating their use in work or study environments.

Invisalign treatments are performed from a 3D image of the patient's mouth. With the help of a computer program, the specialist designs the specific treatment plan for Invisalign after Braces. With this information splints are manufactured as they are renewed regularly according to the planning.

It is estimated that only 35% of adults have well aligned front teeth. And approximately 20% of the population does not have an ideal bite. The good news is that with Invisilign it is possible to correct all these problems comfortably and Invisible Aligners Cost is not very high.

What are the advantages of Invisalign's invisible orthodontics?

The invisible orthodontics for adults of Invisalign presents not only aesthetic advantages, but also practical and functional ones. For something, it presents 96% satisfaction among patients:


The treatments with Invisalign are suitable to correct bite problems and crowding or tooth spacing  . Although its duration varies depending on the case, the average treatment is one and a half years.


Being transparent plastic, they are practically imperceptible to the eye, so that adults can follow their treatments without feeling uncomfortable at work or in study centres.


The transparent splints are removable, making the treatment more comfortable and bearable. Although they must be taken in the mouth for 22 hours a day, they have to be removed during meals, so they are not an impediment to consume any type of food.

In addition, being removable, they facilitate hygiene, allowing a brushing of the teeth and the device less complex than with the brackets. In this way, the risks of caries and frequent gum problems in adults are reduced.


With traditional treatments, the forces that are exerted on the teeth can cause some discomfort and even pain. The treatment with Invisalign is more relaxed, because it does not cause chafing or injury. Hence, the adult patient presents virtually no urgency or complication. There is no need to go to the consultation more than at the agreed times.

What should I take into account before treatment with Invisalign?

Before performing an orthodontic treatment it is very important to check the state of health of our mouth. Especially if we are adults it is vital that our gums are completely healthy. Otherwise, our dentist must first perform an appropriate periodontal treatment.

Likewise, it is also important to check if it is necessary to replace a lost dental piece. The specialist must assess whether it is more convenient to perform first the orthodontics and then the implant, to align it properly with the rest of the teeth; or, if on the contrary, the implant must first be used. To know about Invisalign Payment Plan it is best to talk with your doctor.