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Things to Avoid While Volunteering in India.

Submitted by ispiice on Wed, 01/17/2018 - 22:50

Things to Avoid While Volunteering in India.

So you’ve chosen to take the leap and head off on the trip of a lifetime to volunteering in India. You couldn’t be more excited that finally, your dreams of traveling are coming true, as well as the fact that while you are away, you will be helping people.

Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do and an amazing community to be a part of. Volunteers are able to do so much more than simply help those who are in need; they are also able to help build a more sustainable life for communities so that future generations of children can lead a more enjoyable life.

There are hundreds of different volunteering projects in India that you could choose to take part in. You could opt to get involved in conservation projects, help to make life easier for orphaned children, teach in an underfunded school, or provide aid at a medical center - the options are almost limitless.

If you have chosen to give up your time to become a volunteer, you are doing an amazing thing. You will have an amazing time abroad doing and experiencing things that you most probably never thought that you would.

Of course, while volunteering can be an amazing experience, it is important to understand that certain dangers do come with this choice.

To avoid these things, you need to understand what they are and what risk they post - read on to find out everything that you need to know.

Getting sick.

It is important to be aware that India is a less developed country and somewhere that still has water-borne diseases like typhoid, for instance. The standards of food hygiene are not always great either, so it is important to be smart about what and where you eat and drink.

Don’t drink tap water and don’t have ice in your drink, always stick to bottled water. Don’t eat off of street stalls and always choose restaurants carefully.

Getting too close.

While you are going to India to help people, it is important to understand that there is a line that you need to be sure not to cross. It’s one thing visiting a low-income family and providing food for them as part of the work that you do for an organization, but it is totally another to go off of your own back and buy them food and other items.

If you get too close to a family or a community, they will come to rely on you too much and may put you in an awkward position. You can’t single-handedly feed everyone, so it’s much better to stick to working as part of the organization, instead of attempting to go it alone.


Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in the world who are willing to attempt to take advantage of just about anyone. That’s why it is so important to be aware of scams when choosing who to volunteer with. Make sure that you only ever volunteer through a reputable organization.

Mental health problems.

While for the most part, volunteering is extremely rewarding, the fact is that it is not always easy in terms of the things that you may experience.

That’s why it is so important to understand the mental strain that can come with volunteering and how to manage it. It is important to remember that it is perfectly fine to seek help, such as from a therapist, should you need to discuss something that you have experienced that has upset you.

There you have it, a guide to the things that it is important to avoid while volunteering in