9 Benefits Of Quartz Countertops

If you plan well, you can make your kitchen a more impressive and preferred space for the entire family. Innovative design and proper use of the right materials help you achieve improved looks for your kitchen. SGT Technologies/ Interstone can contribute immensely towards this endeavor.

 What are the leading advantages of granite Kitchen countertops ?

1) Better durability

Quartz can always be defined as a tough stone with high durability. Even if you do some rough cooking, your countertop remains intact and there is no need to worry about any damage. Moreover, you should not worry about any scratches because of the special materials used in the Quartz countertops.

2) Great value for the kitchen

Quartz provides the much needed interior touch. When you use quartz to install the countertop, your kitchen achieves a totally different look. It looks stunningly elegant and high end impression can also be achieved. These features add tremendous value to your kitchen.

3) Modern design or natural appearance  

It is a well known fact that quartz is offered in Modern design (simple color) or  natural stone pattern. This natural appearance makes the space totally inviting and inspiring.

4) NO bacteria  and NO stains

Since leading SGT Technologies/ Interstone offers sleek quartz slabs without any pores, your countertop becomes 100% resistant to bacteria and stains.  You can clean the surface with great ease even when you spill sauce, red wine or coffee.

5) Hassle free maintenance and uncomplicated cleaning

You do not have make great efforts to clean quartz countertops. A soft towel and warm water can be used to wipe off the dirt and this minimal maintenance feature plays an important role in making quartz popular.  

6) Quartz is Repairable

Minor repairs or additions are possible if needed. Unlike the natural stone, quartz color has no color variation. There are no problems matching lots. The most important advantage is that your countertop stays good and neat all the time.

7) Highly user friendly  

You cannot break quartz in an easy manner. You do not need to worry about the surface getting broken or damaged.

8) Truly flat surface

Flat surfaces are needed when you are making cookies or cakes. The space you need for perfect cutting is an important aspect while making cakes. Now, the flat surface of granite makes it a good choice.

9) Quartz 30 Year limited warranty

Quartz offered by SGT Technologies / Interstone or their appointed dealers is covered with the 30 limited warranty .

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