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Importance of Giving Away Awards in Any Organisation

Submitted by trophykart on Tue, 09/14/2021 - 22:10

Trophies are known as souvenirs of
victories. It is known that most common trophies are awarded for sporting
achievements. A trophy is an object of great admiration and idolisation in the
young and old. May it be a school race or an Olympic medal, a trophy is greatly
desired. When these trophies are given as awards they are known as award
trophies. Awards are often given to show respect to the level of excellence
achieved by a person. Award trophies include those given for sporting events,
cultural events, heroic achievements or for corporate achievements.

There are various new systems that
are being researched and followed by companies for paying their employees.
These systems are generated for understanding the factors which would motivate
an employee to work willingly with compassion in the company. Such factors
would include bonus and various other types of materialistic and
non-materialistic rewards and this would help the companies in escalating their
effectiveness. One such factor is awarding a trophy for any achievement of an

These awards are usually given by
any company to its employees for basically two reasons. Firstly, it appreciates
the hard work done by a particular employee and second, by giving away such
rewards the company aims to encourage that employee along with the others to
continue performing well. It is in human nature to perform better when their
work is well appreciated and awarded accordingly.

Trophies also help in improving
the overall effectiveness of a company. It helps in motivating their employees
to increase their level of work and thus improve the quality of their
performance. It is a known fact that employees remain loyal to the organisation
when their performance in their work is rewarded accordingly. A trophy or an
award also gives its employees the desire to put their effort in the work. A
level of competition develops among the employees when such reward systems are

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