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Top 5 selling Uber clone scripts to develop your first taxi booking app

Submitted by imjennifer on Mon, 04/22/2019 - 12:51

The market has been witnessing a massive shift from traditional taxi to convenient traveling solutions. The major reason for such a shift includes a rise in smart device sales coupled with next-generation millennials entering the global workforce. Let's check some stats on the ride-hailing market:

  • Revenue in the ride-hailing segment amounts to US$82,437M in 2019
  • Revenue is expected to grow at an annual rate of 12.8%, resulting in a market volume of US$133,473M by 2023
  • At 2019, user penetration is 8.1% and by 2023 is expected to hit 10.6%
  • In global comparison, China generated most revenue (US$35,589M in 2019)

This has caused a rise in global demand for Uber clone scripts by a huge margin. With traditional taxi service providers shifting to the application technology to remain relevant, the Uber clone is the much-gifted solution to cater to the billions of users worldwide.
Why choose Uber clone script?

  • The script is highly customizable
  • Uber clone script is pocket-friendly
  • They require less time to develop
  • The script comprises all the crucial features matching leading service providers
  • Easily deployable on all leading app stores.

There are numerous ready-made Uber clone apps available in the online market and here i have undertaken extensive research to find the best ones offering the right online-taxi app development solutions. Here are the top five Uber clone scripts and ride-hailing software in the market:
They are one of the leading app development companies in the market with a strong track record of designing, developing, testing and launching amazing applications in the market. They specialize in developing Uber clone apps with a special emphasis on infusing cutting-edge features to help cater to global users with ease. They develop Uber-like app for iOS, Android and web and dedicated applications for passengers and drivers. And yes, they develop and deliver powerful admin panels and dispatcher modules to help them monitor the app's functionality seamlessly.

Here's some of the features they offer for their Uber Clone App:
Passenger app:
Payment Modes
Passengers will be introduced to numerous payment gateways and multiple payment methods including credit/debit cards, online payment apps etc.
Promo codes
Award loyal users with special promo comprising discounts or unique ride services. This helps boost app usage.
Push notifications
Alert riders with crucial information such as driver’s location, trip fares and other information related to their ride.
Estimated time of arrival
Passengers can know the exact time of arrival of the driver to their location. This feature is a crucial part of the application.
Reviews and ratings
Passengers can rate and review the drivers’ post their trip. This helps maintain the quality of service and helps keep other riders informed.
Driver app:
Surge pricing
Drivers via this feature can check the locations where surge pricing is in effect. They can plan their trips accordingly.
Earnings tab
Drivers can keep track of their daily earnings and utilize the information for future reference as per their discretion.
Toggle driver availability
A highly sought after feature in the app, drivers can update their availability as per their discretion.
Trip requests
Drivers will be notified directly via the app with regards to upcoming ride requests. Drivers can choose to accept or reject as per their convenience.
SOS button
This safety button can be activated during any unforeseen emergency. The close contacts of the driver will be intimated immediately.
Admin panel:
Driver verification
Service admin can cross-check the credibility of the driver once the requested documents have been uploaded.
Trip report
Admin can view and download reports on trips including duration, count, receipt, drivers, passengers and other as per their will.
Document verification
Admins can check the credibility of the drivers post the requested documents have been uploaded.
Earnings report
This feature provides the admin with a detailed report about individual driver’s earnings and the concerned commission to be received.
Admins can appoint numerous sub-admins to assist them with monitoring the functionality of the apps.
Dispatcher panel:
Profile creation
Dispatchers can create and manage their profile with multiple details such as name, address, photos, contact number and others.
Managing requests
This feature allows the dispatcher to manage the riders’ requests like pick up, rides destination, payment tracking and so on.
Reviews and feedback
Dispatchers can view the reviews, ratings and feedback and take the necessary steps to resolve the same accordingly.
Trips tracking
The dispatcher can monitor and download detailed reports on all the trips made by rides and use them for analytics as per their discretion.
The dispatcher can log in the advanced panel via their contact information or with their social media accounts as per admins discretion.
Feel free to contact them to request the ride-hailing Uber Clone demo and pricing information.
Learn more:
They offer some unique UX design with their Uber Clone Script. They include the needed features and suggest more as per clients needs. Their cost of development is said to differ in cost depending upon clients requirements. They provide web manuals and detailed app to simplify the deployment of their ride-hailing app.
They seem to have not disclosed their pricing information but they will provide the same upon request. So you need to get in touch with them for all details including price, frontend and admin panel.
Appypie’s Uber clone
Appypie offers strong features including credit card payments, location tracking access, detailed analytics, promo codes and others. They are known to provide numerous stock features that may match the original application.
Their customized uber clone platform allows owners or admins to monitor and control the entire functionality of the application and provides crucial insights and data for improved decision making.
The company claims to offer good Uber clone script solutions. They offer customizations including food delivery or laundry to match clients requirements. But their solutions may have some catch since they only reveal further details upon contact.
So the cost of developing is sadly not disclosed but they claim the solutions will be cost-friendly. Features outside their standard pack may be charged separately and they offer dedicated developers to help integrate the features into the app in a short span of time.
Space-O Technologies
They have been offering numerous solutions with multiple features to match leading service providers. They have not disclosed their development price but offer clients to request for a free quote with a dedicated button. Their admin dashboard is said to offer a simple user interface and ensure a lasting impression among users.
If you have the extra budget, their product may not be a bad deal at the end of the day. Their source code sharing is still under debate and requires further discussions with their executives.
Developing a uber like app quickly is now possible thanks to the advanced Uber clone script offered by numerous app clone development companies in the market. You can save on development cost and crucial time and venture on to the lucrative billion dollars on-demand taxi market with ease.Originally published here