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How to play Texas Hold 'em poker game

Texas Hold'em is the most exciting poker variant of all time. So let's look at Texas Hold'em poker rules which will give you a better insight into the game.

• Texas Hold 'em gets played with a minimum of two players, and the maximum number of players can be up to ten.
• It gets played with the traditional fifty-two card deck excluding the joker. Ace is the highest and Deuce (or two) is the lowest card.
• You win the game of Texas Hold 'em by making the best five-card hand based on the poker hand rankings as given below -

Here are the hierarchy of poker hand rankings you need to keep in mind:

1. Royal Flush
2. Straight Flush
3. Four of a kind
4. Full house
5. Flush Straight
6. Three of a kind
7. Two Pair
8. One Pair
9. High Card

These are various game types you can opt for while following Texas Hold 'em poker rules

• Pot-limit - In this version of the game, you can't bet over the pot limit that is assigned.
• No limit - This is the opposite of a pot-limit, and you can bet as much as you like.
• Limit poker - There's a limit to how many times you can bet. You can bet a total of four times, but you can also raise the bet. It is different from the pot limit and no limit as you can continue to raise the pot within the bet limits.

Here are the possible actions:

• Check - If you call to check you refuse to be or start the betting. This action of checking goes on in a clockwise direction.

• Fold - The act of folding your cards means you have decided to sit this round out.

• Raise - As you can understand by the name itself, the act of raising means you have decided to raise the bet.

• Call - You can call your opponents can check who has the higher cards of the two, and the one with the higher cards continues playing.

• Bet - You can choose to bet even if none of your opponents has decided to bet yet. If you think you have unique cards, the act of betting could work in your favour.

• All-in - This option is a thrilling and a risky one at that. Going all-in means, you have bet all your chips whether it's one chip or ten on your cards.

The game stages of Texas Hold'em poker rules:

• Blinds - Big blind and Small blind start the betting.
• Pre-flop - The first four betting are a pre-flop.
• Flop - three community cards get dealt on the table.
• Turn - The betting round after flop.
• River - the fifth community card gets dealt.
• Showdown - The players who did not fold the card and are still playing have a showdown of revealing their cards.