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How Often Should I Clean My Apartment Dishwasher?

When you are able to get an apartment that has a dishwasher, you can rejoice. Not all apartments provide this amenity, but it can be nice when you have a family to throw in some dishes and walk away. This speeds up your time for cleaning and can often get the dishes cleaned much better than you can do by hand. But if you do have a dishwasher in your apartment, you need to make sure that it gets cleaned out on a regular basis to avoid dirt and grime.
But how often should you clean your dishwasher to get it to work the best for you? Most experts recommend that you do this at least once a month. You spend a lot of time adding grease, dirty plates, and so much more into the dishwasher. Add in the water that could be sitting in there, and it is no wonder that food residue and mildew can potentially build up in the machine over time if you are not careful. Taking the time to clean out the dishwasher will make a big difference as well.
Luckily, cleaning the dishwasher doesn’t have to be impossible and you don’t even need to scrub it at all. First, you can run the wash cycle like normal, but you will want to add a small dish of white vinegar onto the top shelf. This is a great way to sanitize the inside of the dishwasher as well. Just let it all run through and then when it is done, you can open up and remove the dish and the vinegar.
There is one more step as well. Once this is all done, you can sprinkle some of the baking soda along the bottom of the dishwasher. This is a good way to deodorize the inside. Make sure to run another wash cycle before you add in some of the dishes as well. This will ensure that you can make it clean and only costs a few dollars to get done, making it more affordable than other choices.
When you keep your apartment nice and clean, it is easier to enjoy the space you call home, especially when you have a family. When it is time to move your family, then come and check out some of our family-friendly apartments in Stuart, FL. We are confident that these apartments will provide the space and the great amenities that your family needs, ensuring that you will be able to spread out and feel as comfortable as possible. Come and take a tour, ask some questions, and see what works the best for you.