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How to get in Best water purifier in Chennai at low price

Submitted by ecogreen on Thu, 09/17/2020 - 23:05

Eco – Green Cleantech Private Limited manufacture Water Filters, Water Purifier and Specialty Carbons exporting it to various places and currently it provides the Best Water Purifier in Chennai.
Eco Green speaks about water filters such as PP Spun, GAC/ Inline Filter, CTO Block and RO Membrane. The PP Spun which removes all sediments and particles is applied for both Domestic and Industrial Application featuring Virgin food grade, high strength and is pressure-resistant at Eco Green.
The GAC/ Inline Filter may be helpful to remove chemicals from water but in eco-green the GAC Filter specializes with 100% coconut shell with a polypropylene cartridge operating at a maximum temperature of 50 degree Celsius.
The CTO Block comes with a high absorption rate, surface area and microporosity, unlike other filters. It has a less pressure drop and is specialized with 100% Virgin Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and Vegetal Activated Carbon. The filter is applied for both residential and industrial.
Finally heading to the RO membrane, eco green’s RO Membrane applies at a higher salt rejection, more than 97% with a pH value between 4 and 11. Information regarding each of these filters can be found at Eco Green’s website.