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How does Lewdle function?

The creation of lewdle was a group endeavor. While Nickerson was working on the game's technical backend, Whitta and his wife started compiling an extensive vocabulary of insulting insults. This is a more challenging undertaking than it may at first appear due to the fact that the majority of vulgar terms consist of only four letters, although the format calls for five letters.
Lewdle works in the same way that Wordle does. Players have six chances to guess a five-letter mystery word. You can play it right now.
The catch is that with Lewdle, all of his responses are unpleasant or "lewd."
The phrases "dicks," "titty," and "queef," for example, are presented in the game's tutorial.
Lewdle isn't the first time Wordle has been twisted in a naughty way. Sweardle, who is two weeks old and only utilizes four-letter words, is another option.
They can only be played once each day, just as Wordle.