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How Do I Make My Own Rhinestone Belt Buckle

Submitted by vealboozer on Tue, 05/30/2023 - 04:36

Rhinestone belt buckles are very trendy and stylish looking diamond belt
fashion accessories. You can easily find these types of belts in boutiques, fashion stores and online shopping websites. But these belts may cost a bit more than other types of belts. Therefore, we are here to save your money and give you some hot tips on how to make your own Rhinestone belt buckle.You can make an entirely unique one for you or you can re-make the one you saw at the best fashion store in the mall. This whole process will take only an hour or two, depending on the complexity of the design that you will choose.

Take a metal belt buckle of any size or shape in your one hand and a simple black permanent marker pen on the other hand. Now try to use the fine tip of the pen to draw some little polka dot like pattern that you would prefer. You can make any pattern of your choice. It can be squares, hearts, swirls, alphabets or even your names. If you prefer your belt buckle to be fully covered in rhinestones then you are not required to make any patterns on them with permanent marker or simply avoid the above mentioned step.

Take the bag of rhinestones in the single color or different colors that you want your belt buckle to be. Then put the rhinestones flat with the shining side facing upward. Do keep in mind that the rhinestones that you are going to use, must not have heaps on them. They should not be flipped over too. Now divide the rhinestones according to colors or shapes and sizes.