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How to buy jewelry: what to look for

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Makeup is a personal matter. Anything that directly affects your skin requires careful consideration, because if you take the wrong action, you could have a health problem on your hands. With Internet access virtually everywhere, the task of checking the product version is much easier. You can browse online and search all brands, review their ratings, make comparisons, and discover how they were made.

However, before making a purchase, you should consider the following:

Check your stock first
Most makeup users are hamsters. Before purchasing a new base or mascara set, first check to see if your inventory is low. If you know what you don't have, you can plan accordingly so that you only get what you need. Makeup doesn't leak quickly, what you could have bought a year ago can still be used.

Makeup for big brands is not cheap. For example, a single MAC lipstick can cost you around $ 30. Quality is expensive and you should consider this before you start shopping. Doing a little research online beforehand can save you money. Online makeup stores have different prices for the same product. Take a look and choose the one with the lowest price.


The truth about a product is always hidden in the evaluation area. Every major brand has a Facebook page with a review area where people post their experiences. By browsing the comments, you can open your eyes to things you don't know. Don't believe everything you see, sometimes some comments never really reflect the truth.

Makeup is very specific. You don't go into a store and take what you have in front of you. You must be very careful with your skin. Makeup brands generally make different shades of the same product for the best possible skin tone, making it easy to know your skin tone. You can try the testers in stores or consult the experts.

Another big problem: when it comes to makeup, there are different skin types. Your skin can be normal, dry, oily, or a combination of all three. Each skin type supports a specific makeup range and can have devastating effects on your skin. If you adapt your skin to the correct products, the risk of breakage and rash is reduced. If you are not sure of your skin type, contact your dermatologist and they will know.

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