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How to Automatically Forward Emails from the Outlook to SBCGlobal email?

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If you are using MS Outlook in your Mac or Windows computer, then you can easily forward emails. The forwarding of emails from Outlook to any email accounts of yours is very simple. If you want to learn how to do this, then you need to follow the steps given in this blog. You can even call SBCGlobal tech support phone number to speak with the experts who will assist you in solving the problem that is bugging you.

If you wish to setup the automatic mail forwarding rule in Microsoft Outlook for your Mac OS and Windows, then follow the steps given below. However, you need to be sure that Microsoft Outlook application is open and your system is turned on.

Microsoft Outlook on Windows Computer

 Go to File > Manage rules and alerts
 In the visible panel, you have to click on New rule to create a new filter.
 You need to select the items that apply for receiving the message and then click on Next.
 You can also set the condition for the incoming messages.
 If you want to forward all the mails, then press Next button and then click OK to confirm it.
 Now choose Forward option and then type in the email address in the provided ‘To’ field.
 Again, press the Next button to let the process begin and then click on the End button.

Microsoft Outlook on Mac

 Open Microsoft Outlook and then click on Tools > Rules
 Select the Outlook account in the panel that is given and then click + sign.
 Now you need to fill information like whose messages you want to be delivered.
 You can even forward all the messages to other emails.
 Now click on Perform the following action and select option of Forward to.
 You need to enter the recipient email address.
 Click OK to confirm the rule

Now all your emailwill be forwarded from Outlook to SBCGlobal email. If at any point you find it challenging to perform the steps then you can reach out to SBCGlobal customer service number so that you can avail the help of the experts for fixing the issue.

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