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Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046

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"So many innate things, enough for the five of us to turn around and return to the God level, or even the reflection level, to refine the true self, accumulate here, and then return to the original body of the Great God King, as a capital and inside information to enter God, and compete with the most abnormal creatures, there will be no fear." Five people are whispering, talking, one by one confidence surge, preparing. Let's begin. With that sacrifice, we have opened up the way forward and drawn out part of the fire. Now is the glorious moment for us to intercept the opportunity and turn the dragon into the thirty-three heavens! 。 Sogou Chapter 1397 competing in the Eight Diagrams Furnace. Taishang Eight Diagrams, in the immortal stone furnace, the fairy clouds are gorgeous, the auspicious light gushes, and the smoke is transpiring. The most terrible thing is that when the fire burns, lightning flashes and thunder roars, chaotic arcs shoot up from time to time, and the chain of order gods interweaves violently and evolves into Jedi. This kind of place has almost become the most terrible place in the world, not to mention the God King, even if Tianzun comes in and stands in the wrong area, he will be burned to death. No matter how much money you have, you will be burned to black ashes, and there is no possibility of survival. Chu Feng suffered, half of his body was blackened, his flesh and blood were withered to fall off, while the other half of his body was surrounded by the spirit of life, nourished to shine, glittering and translucent. This is not good fortune, but a tearing torment. He was almost split in two, cut by the visible golden chain of order, burned by the fire, spreading downward from his eyebrows,outdoor spa manufacturers, and a terrible gap caused half of his body to die, while the other half was full of vitality. As for the stone jar, it had already fallen to one side by accident, and the diamond chisel had risen and fallen in the light of the fire, without guarding its body. A little doorway, sitting on the line of life and death, neither living nor dying, in a delicate state of balance, really let him almost succeed in evolution. Five people came, and one of them opened his mouth with a faint smile. Their footsteps were steady, and the special armor on their bodies sent out harsh runes, flashing streamers that made the void collapse,endless swimming pool, which were fragments of Tao. This is the precious armor left by our ancestors, mixed with the blood of the true Buddha, the blood of celestial beings, the blood of divine beasts, and so on. It has been sacrificed for tens of millions of years, and it is hard to imagine how big it is. Because of this, in a short period of time, they can be safe and unimpeded in this Jedi land. Our time is limited. Once the spirit of Buddha's blood and immortal blood in these five pairs of armor has been tempered and disappeared, we will worry about our lives and have to hurry up. A woman with long blond hair opened her mouth, and her black pupils brightened into gold, blooming with terrible symbols. The Great God King! At this point, the ancient armor of the five strong men came back to life and merged with them. Several people strode forward, making the whole stone furnace vibrate slightly. Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes, even in this critical moment of life and death, not between birth and death, he still felt, ahead of time aware of a huge crisis. This made him frightened, in the fog, the chain of order God trembled, unexpectedly appeared five people, all very tall, wearing black ancient armor, like five demons from the era of heaven, whirlpool bathtub ,garden jacuzzi tub, they have an invisible murderous look, to his disadvantage. However, he is in a really bad state now. He did not dare to act rashly. Once the balance was broken, it was not necessarily a good thing. Even if he moved to a place full of vitality in an instant, he would probably be eaten back. Because he already knew that there would be a big explosion when the balance was broken. He needs time! "Why, what kind of stone jar is this? It's not damaged in the light of the fire. It's strange." One of the five men, a silver-haired man with a different color, stared at the stone jar, and with an instinctive intuition, he thought that the jar might have an unimaginable background. And a bracelet, which seems to be.. In the fable primitive mother gold sacrifice refines becomes, already deduced into 33 heavy days thick embryo heavy utensil? Five people were shocked, one after another found two objects that could not be guessed, one of which could not be seen through, and the other was a priceless secret soldier that could grow up. It's really not easy, oh, there will be a great harvest today, you and I will not only change here, but also get the mysterious treasure unexpectedly! One of them smiled, with long snow-white hair, long eyebrows, silver pupils, straight nose, three-dimensional facial features, but a very cold smile.
"What more to say?"? Kill! A blonde woman is more cold, slender figure, originally graceful and graceful, but now she is as vigorous as a female leopard, culling and killing. Her beautiful and white face, with a trace of cruelty on it, showed her intention to kill, and she was the first of the five to punch forward. This blonde woman is also decisive, not sloppy, want to directly result in Chu Feng's life. In this situation, a sudden blow to kill, for Chu Feng is too passive, almost equal to trapped in death, he is in a delicate state of balance is not good to fight. However, it was absolutely impossible to wait for death like this. His right hand was slowly raised, and he took the punch with difficulty and passively. This result is very terrible, because he must ensure that his body does not deviate, clothes in this line of life and death, he has long realized that this is the field of life and death, Yin and Yang two gas agitation, balance can not be lost. However, the abrupt punch is very overbearing, although it is a woman, but as a great God king, its fist print is extremely terrible, simply to break through the universe! "Boom!" The woman's snow-white fist is very beautiful, but it sends out thousands of beams of light, too bright, extremely dazzling, with strands of regular God chain, invincible. The void is twisting, exploding, what sonic boom, that's too weak, it's like a light-speed fist, blooming into the sky, like a big explosion between heaven and earth! Under normal circumstances, Chu Feng can block the punch of the Great God King, but now the state is not right, their own serious injury is just, but also forced to retain energy, stabilize their own motionless. This time, as you can imagine, poof, he opened his mouth to cough up blood, and even sprayed three big mouths, his upper body could not help shaking, almost falling out. Chu Feng suffered a heavy blow, so passive to meet,outdoor hot tub, he tied his hands and feet, it is impossible to go all out, so that his face pale and extremely ugly.