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Helm: None, I don't like to hide my dashing good looks

Helm: None, I don't like to OSRS gold hide my dashing good looks;-RRB- weapon: D first, DDS second. Cape: Red cloak from Rellika, or whatever its called. Obby may come after... Amulet: Glory, possibly, if not potency ammy. Ring: Variety, I will use as needed. Thats all I could think about, what do the experts think? I may be unable to pay for all this, so it is back into the yews. Thanks guys.

I've wasted around 600k onto it and I really need some help! Please list your ideas on what I need to wear to look good.

For skilling I generally wear camo top ( from arbitrary event, not hunter ) cockatrice cape, fancy boots, gold eyeglasses, glory ammy, obby cape, snakeskin bandanna and plauge pants ----- please please help me!

Ok, here are my stats, and the stats for WGS (Current/needed), and my ideas for coaching them. Are those good ways? Or not so great? Any suggestions are welcome. Ok, I'm now at lvl 72 fletching and I would like to get to lvl 99. I need to fletch 160,947 yew longbows for to lvl 99. There is two ways to do this, one is quick but only 3.05m gain, and the other one is extended but 19.3m profit. I am trying to choose which one I want to do. Allow Me to explain more:

THE QUICK WAY: Purchase 160,947 yew logs and bow strings. Cut the yew logs to yew longbow (u). Utilize yew longbow (un ) with bow strings to make 160,947 yew longbows. This way I will earn a profit of just 3.05m but it will be a whole lot shorter than the other way. THE LONG WAY: Buy 160,947 yew logs and flax. Cut the yew logs into yew longbow (u). Twist all the flax into bow strings. Use yew longbow (un ) with bow strings to create 160,947 yew longbows. Sell all yew longbows. This way I will earn a gain of 19.3m but it will take A LOT more than another way. I'd love to buy RS gold have an extra 19.3m, but I don't want to be more spinng flax till another century!!! Please reply saying which one you would choose and why. And which one I should choose in your opinion. That is a million.