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Linux itself is low-fee, and this fact may be a huge plus; but, the value of the software is likely to be a small aspect in the normal price of running a computer. The TCO of Linux versus home windows is a matter of a few debate, however it’s probably to be lower for Linux if skilled Linux or Unix administrators are already to be had to address the device.

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All variations of home windows are largely tied to their GUIs; administering a home windows box without its GUI is clearly impossible. This linkage could make picking up home windows management a piece less complicated for the ones unusual with textual content-mode configuration, however it imposes some overhead at the computer itself, and it restricts the approaches in which the gadget may be administered. those barriers are in particular intense for servers, which won't need a flashy GUI to address mail or supply IP addresses, besides insofar because the OS itself calls for these functions. Linux, by contrast, is not almost so GUI-oriented. Many distributions do offer GUI tools, however bypassing the ones tools to deal with the underlying textual content-mode configuration documents and gear is often a simple matter, provided you already know where those documents and tools are located and a way to manage them.