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Higher studies are still luxury for many sections of the society in the current scenario and the absence of higher studies becomes the major reason for the heavy rate of unemployment our nation is suffering right now. The societal demons like caste and religion remain a major influence in the education system as well. These differences and partiality are removed by the reservation system which our constitution has introduced and till the date reservations have been a blessing for those ill-treated by the society based on their caste and religion. In such a case of societal imbalance, scholarships are a great relief for those who cannot afford higher education. The government of India has introduced many such scholarships for SCs, ST's ad OBCs class of the society to encourage further studies. It becomes a way for them to access the available opportunities. Various scholarships or higher studies in and outside India have been introduced by the government. Here in this blog, we will go through the various scholarship programs introduced by the government. We have made it easier for students to know many scholarship programs by the government. - Colleges of Mba
Some of the Government Scholarships for higher studies offered to SCs STs AND OBCs section of our society-

  • National Overseas Scholarship for SCs-

A very helpful scholarship for those planning to study for Ph.D. or Masters from any foreign institution, this scholarship provides financial support for the tuition fee insurance, visa, traveling charges, and also stipend for the students from SC background. Out of 100 such scholarship seats, 30 seats are reserved for women candidates.

  • National Overseas Scholarship for STs-

This scholarship is the same as the previous one for the SCs and is helpful for the students of ST background to study their masters or Ph.D. from classic universities abroad. Apart from the central government, many state governments have also introduced such scholarships. Among these states are- Maharashtra, Delhi, Telangana, Kerala, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. These scholarships are really important for those looking for a career.

  • National Fellowship or SCs-

This is a scholarship for higher studies in India itself for the candidates and students from SC background. This fellowship provides financial support for the tuition fee, accommodation, and other necessities.

  • National Fellowship for STs-

This goes like the previous one for SC while the students and applicants of STs are awarded this fellowship for higher studies in India itself. This fellowship proved to be a great relief for the scheduled tribes and have been witnessing a lot of admissions from SC and ST following this program.

  • National Fellowship for OBCs- Again, just as for SCs ad STs, this fellowship is also available or the OBCs (Other Backward Classes). This fellowship has been equally beneficial for OBCs as well and created a new opportunity for OBCs for higher studies in India, creating a new hope in employment. This helps OBC students to study for M. Phil and Ph.D. in universities, research centers, and institutions. The scheme covers the universities recognized by UGC and hence, is legitimate.
  • Maulana Azad National Fellowship-

This fellowship was introduced by the government for students from the six minority communities as per the constitution of India, which includes Buddhist, Christian, Jain, Muslim, Parsi, and Sikh, to pursue Ph.D. and M Phil from the universities recognized by UGC and provide financial support for the tuition fee, and other expenses. This fellowship will help serving job opportunities for these minorities in various fields.

  • Ambedkar Central Scheme of Interest subsidy on Educational loans for overseas studies for OBCs and Economically Backward Classes (EBC).

Implemented by the ministry of social justice and empowerment, this scheme offers interest Subsidy. Students can pursue an education in Masters, Ph.D. and M Phil as a part of higher education for a safe and secure life for them. Among the available seats, 50% of the seats are reserved for girls.

  • Padho Pardesh-

This scholarship scheme is particularly crafted for those students from SC, ST, and OBC who seek to study for masters or Ph.D. in the field of arts, engineering, agriculture, and medical. This scheme was an initiative by the Ministry of Minority Affairs to provide subsidies to students from the minority section of the society.

  • Overseas Doctoral Fellowship Programme-

According to this program, the selected candidate would be paid $24000 per annum for 4 years for participating in a doctoral research program in fields such as engineering, medicine, technology, and science. The best part is, this scholarship is even offered by the top universities in foreign countries. This scheme was initiated by the Science and Engineering Research Board.

All these scholarship and fellowship schemes are really helpful for candidates from the minority section of the society to rise out to pursue higher education and follow their dreams. The government has been providing these scholarships to remove the differences created socially which impacted o the financial grounds as well. Such scholarship schemes must be appreciated and promoted for equal distribution of resources among all classes, as Carl Marx insisted.

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