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7 Mobile App Features That Generate User Engagement

Submitted by siyacarla on Thu, 01/17/2019 - 09:05

We see tons of mobile apps available for any segment of business you call out. Businesses today have the agenda to touch the global market and build as many user bases possible throughout the globe. Hence it's fairly justified to say that mobile apps are developed for one sole reason – to generate user engagement.

However, as stated above, there is tons of app available for one simple task or transaction to perform. It becomes really confusing for users to select the one that is not only going to give them a personified user experience but also fulfill their need to perform the task easily and effectively.

To cater to this problem, we are here with 7 mobile app features that would help you generate maximum user engagement on your mobile app. Let's get started instantly.

1) Design

When a user opens an app, the first thing that catches his/her eye is the design of the app. Yes, the look and feel of the app speaks for itself and good design would surely lure a user to come back on the app and vice versa.

There are various factors in UX/UI design of the app that plays an important role in user engagement on the app. To mention few important aspects are colour, navigation, interaction, outline, layout and etc.

For instance – Completing a task in one app screen minimizes the effort of a user and gives them the confidence of completing their task easily. In an e-commerce app, one single screen to view the details of the product, add to cart button and buy buttons simplifies the task of a user.

2) Push Notification

Who wouldn't like an app that reminds them of the latest offers, any discounts or upcoming sale? Push notifications on an app enhance its features and functionalities. It also acts as a reminder for the user to check out the app and make some transactions over it. Users tend to prefer those apps that come with friendly and non-budging notifications.

Fact Alert: “Study reveals that there are 88% higher chances of user engagement when a user opts to receive push notifications.”

For instance – Upgrade notifications on apps

3) Simplified On-boarding

Any app that comes with the process of simplified on-boarding increases user engagement on an app. A user is most likely to abandon an app that comes with too many sign up steps, too many information fields, complex functionalities, and etc.

A study shows that simplified on-boarding on an app increases the user lifetime value by 500%. Isn’t that great! This proves that the easier the path, the merrier are the users! Make sure your mobile app development company create a simple yet unique onboarding experience for customers.

4) Rewards & Offers

Little something extra as a bonus over an app for a user is cherry on the cake! User incentive programs, rewards, points for users help gain maximum user engagement over an app. This definitely drives the conversion and encourages user participation on an app.

For instance – Few mobile apps let users convert their reward points or milestone into money that aids them in their next purchase. This way they maintain to engage users on the app and retain them for their next purchase.

5) Help Materials

If your app has numerous things to offer and you think that could somehow make the app a bit complex to use, then you might want to aid the user with some help materials. These user help materials would make the app experience easier for any user and prepare them for the actual app use beforehand.

Few materials that you could start with are:

a) Video walkthrough/Demo
b) Tooltips
c) Training videos
d) Progress bars

6) Social Sharing

While having a mobile app for your business is a good thought, but not propagating it well is not going to make the app sustain in long run. It’s advisable to use all possible social channels to promote the app. In fact, it could be promoted by users themselves.

Having social media buttons on the mobile app pushes the view of the app to the maximum audience. This is a smart trick that is being used by most of the mobile app since they target to achieve more users thus gradually increasing user engagement.

For instance – Nike comes with Run Club app. The user can share their run over social media channels.

7) Seek Feedback

Last but not least, feedback always helps in gaining input from the user. In fact, any app without the page for feedback is incomplete. Though you have enabled every possible feature for user engagement on the app, it's good to get timely feedback from users about their app experience.

This builds a two-way conversation relation between the user and the app provider. You can choose to rate the app or get detailed feedback through a survey easily.

Wrap up

To wrap up the entire discussion, having a mobile app is no big deal these days. However, ensuring that remains active between users is the big task. Companies who follow trends are hopeful to sustain and be competitive as well. Those who do not change with a change in user demands may go down and never flourish.

Nonetheless, an app success totally depends on the user engagement and thus it's important to look into the factors that attract users and lure them in using the app. There might be difficult at first but gradually with time the app would take its pace and encourage users to be active participants of the app.