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Rocket League rhythm very quickly

IGN has always had its own high levels of cold and pride as a foreign game medium, but earlier this month they accidentally changed the score of a game two years ago. This was a mistake. Recently, IGN reviewed the "Rocket League" and gave a high evaluation of 9.3. IGN believes that the "Rocket League" now has a much better player experience than the original version, and the production team really developed a good idea for the amazing work.

Coincidentally, I was also working on a new "Rocket League" review as IGN released the new "Rocket League" review. But unlike what we measured two years ago, this time, the benchmark was quietly launched on the WeGame platform with a "Rocket League".
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It's hard to pinpoint a "Rocket League, "a game that flies in the face of the three major categories in the U.S. and Europe. In one sentence, "Rocket League" is a game of playing football. However, the actual content is different from the simple racing game and football game, which is completely different from the general game.
Homeless star

Technically, "Rocket League" is an independent game developed by the developer, Psyonix, in San Diego, USA, in 2000. The company in the "Rocket League" before one of the most famous game is a similar style of the supersonic stunt Rocket chariots, and in the "Rocket League" before very long period of time, all of them are to make a living by various game outsourcing. Like all pep in the movies, after launch in 2015, "Rocket League" soar, became a Steam platform such as online most of the game at the same time, with gains in TGA/competitive game of the year, Phyonix also become one of the world's most successful independent game developer.

"Rocket League" is a very free game, it had all game content are concentrated in just 5 minutes to the station, and let you feel the speed and competitive in the five minutes extreme pleasure, experience the stimulation of the adrenaline surge. There is no any rules and restrictions, your hand car besides can be "Rocket League", can even break through the earth's gravity, the game in the walls on a "triangle" stunts."Rocket League" operation and the rules are very simple, you only need to master the gas in the game, to accelerate, jump is enough, the purpose is only a game, that is the car that is far better than you want to hit the ball into the goal. In the football field and reality very similar sites, there is no offside, block attacks, handball (of course, you don't have hand), here, as long as the goal, you are the enemy crashing.

Rely on these simple rules and various physical set of surreal, "Rocket League" rhythm very quickly Rocket League Items, in is not big, the ball may be hit the opponent goal, instant moment, of course, the situation may also be reversed. The game up to support 4 v4, in 4 v4, eight different shape of the rally in a short span of five minutes to numerous competing for the ball around the good spring, bump, jump, until the whistle blew, the tie is broken.