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Fan story sharing

La Liga giants Real Madrid in the Champions League final 4: 1 victory over Juventus team, since 1998 since the restructuring of the first defending successful team. Real Madrid club before the launch of the official around the world fans Association to organize and participate in the Champions League final night watching activities. Together as the team's twelfth, witness the team hit the twelfth Champions League trophy of the highest honor.

The final night, China has a total of 45 Real Madrid fans will organize the Champions League final carnival watch activities, including Shenzhen sub-venue organizers Shenzhen Real Madrid fans Association organized a "Ouyou final night watch carnival" activities, about 600 people Participate in live events and watch the Champions League final FIFA Coins.

In addition to watching the Real Madrid and Juventus Champions League final, the scene set a lot of interactive links and lottery links. Through direct extraction, winning quiz, fan story sharing, and online interaction, etc., including a dozen pieces of Real Madrid players signed jerseys, genuine jerseys and other large number of Real Madrid peripheral prizes. After the game, more of a lucky audience received Real Madrid official offer of the Bernabeu free tour of the super prize.

For the success of this event, the organizers of the Shenzhen Real Madrid fans Association, on the one hand because of the success of many times since the success of similar experience watching the carnival carnival, on the other hand also benefited from a lot of enthusiastic support of Real Madrid fans. At the same time they also hope to have more Real Madrid fans to join them, work together to create a better viewing activities, rich fans of the Shenzhen experience.