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Poland being upgraded into a file

With Peru's defeat of New Zealand to get the last ticket, in 2018 the Russian World Cup 32 participating teams all produced. Say goodbye to Italy, Holland, Chile and other teams to make fans sad, but there are also surprises brought by teams such as Iceland and Panama that were shortlisted for the first time, and Peru and Egypt that returned many years later.

The expansion of the game

The game is rapidly becoming the world's most popular entertainment pastime:

The company has received a lot of attention

"Since 2015 launch, the Rocket League is logged in the mainstream global gaming platform, global player has topped forty million, than the current hot" chicken "to survive the jedi more than 10 million, all show hot degree and endless miles of vitality of the game. Not only that, in the 2017 TGA awards ceremony, "the Rocket League" continues to lead the race, and won the annual best video game nomination. What kind of charm does it have? Let's have a look.

Players become very powerful rocket coaster

The Rocket League is an online game developed by Psyonix, an American independent game studio. The game has been widely praised at home and abroad, and the number of players has reached more than 30 million. More than 150 international awards, including TGA's annual best sports/racing game, were added.

Rocket League rhythm very quickly

IGN has always had its own high levels of cold and pride as a foreign game medium, but earlier this month they accidentally changed the score of a game two years ago. This was a mistake. Recently, IGN reviewed the "Rocket League" and gave a high evaluation of 9.3. IGN believes that the "Rocket League" now has a much better player experience than the original version, and the production team really developed a good idea for the amazing work.

The quite demanding of the Xbox console

IT home on March 12, the message of deep-pocketed Microsoft seemed to want to send something good, now going to Microsoft Xbox said loyal Xbox fans give a 24 k gold limited edition Xbox One X host, to reward their love for the Xbox.

Best Defender Player Brent Burns San Jose Shark

North American Hockey League NHL awards ceremony in Las Vegas, the United States, which players have become the winner of the season, let us together.

1. Regular season most valuable player Connor McDowell Edmonton oilers

Fan story sharing

La Liga giants Real Madrid in the Champions League final 4: 1 victory over Juventus team, since 1998 since the restructuring of the first defending successful team. Real Madrid club before the launch of the official around the world fans Association to organize and participate in the Champions League final night watching activities. Together as the team's twelfth, witness the team hit the twelfth Champions League trophy of the highest honor.

The rocket league is undoubtedly a good game

"The rocket league" is undoubtedly a good game, but obviously not the only good game, tencent chooses it, besides its excellent quality, what other reason? How will this game play in tencent's overall strategy? The rocket league is a game with almost no audit risk.

Rocket League will be represented by Tencent

Rocket League is a car and football intense collision of the game, providing wonderful physical effects, crazy aerial stunts, as well as exciting multiplayer.


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