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Liverpool FIFA 16 Ratings Discussion

As we are approaching the end of the season I was wondering what you guys believe Liverpool will be rated next season. fut16coin know not all fans on this sub play FIFA but for those who do it's normally an interesting topic.
In order to make this interesting, put what they should be rated and what you think they will be rated, as FIFA in the past have a little history of screwing over our ratings.

The only players whos ratings I can see going up are Sterling (80 to 81/82), Coutinho (81 to 82/83), Henderson (79 to 81) and Can (75 to 78/79. I think Ballotelli will drop from 82 to maybe 80 I think. Sturridge could possibly go from 83 to 82. I think a lot of the players are very underrated but considering those were the ratings after we finished 2nd, I can't really see them giving us proper increases across the board. I mean the fact that Sturridge is only an 83 rating after the season he had last year is ridiculous.

The loss of Gerrard in the midfield will be annoying as well considering the rest of the mf is rated so fucking poor. Henderson / Allen / Can / Lucas as midfielders is pretty abysmal considering their stats in fifa. I generally go 4-1-2-1-2 so not including any signings / players leaving I will probably go with something like (without Johnson since he wont be here)

If I were to ask this sub who they wanted to sign a fair amount would say Nainggolan - how many of them have watched Roma regularly this season?
If I were to ask most of us about Reus you'd say he's one of the best attacking players in the game - where did you get that opinion? If not from FIFA or FM, then from newspapers or Sky Sports.

Even watching Liverpool, how much of your perceived performance is based on what the commentators or the analysts or even other redditors say?
I'm not criticising anyone here, but at the end of the day it's normal for us to form opinions of players regardless of whether we've watched them or not - it might not be right and we should certainly accept that we don't really know what we're talking about, but everyone does it.

Sakho may get a point. Skrtel will remain the same. He's old and FIFA doesn't upgrade people past that age, unless you're fucking Xabi Alonso.
Mignolet has had a shit and a great season at the same time. He'll be what he was last year, which is 81.

Sturridge might drop a point. Markovic will remain the same. Moreno may be raised by one. Kolo will decline to 76, I'd bet. Johnson will stay the same. Enrique will decline, he's hardly had any minutes. Allen may be upgraded. Lucas may be upgraded by one, but it's very doubtful. He'll probably remain 80/81.