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ICS330804 hDVR 4 Ch +8Ch Ip Cameras

Submitted by f4xu2ks on Sun, 10/09/2016 - 04:31

A hybrid DVR  also known as hDVR is a Digital video recoreder that can process both IP camers and analog Cameras. The three most common video signals on the market today are analog,  and IP. It is advantageous to use a hybrid DVR for many reasons, the most significant of which is to utilize existing analog cameras, while adding IP cameras to remote locations. . The most common resolutions for analog cameras are 352×240 (CIF), 640×480 (VGA), 704×480 (4CIF), and 720×480 (D1). As of 2013 a recent introduction to analog CCTV camera resolution has been 960×480 (960H), which is 33.3% improvement in horizontal pixels. HD-SDI CAMERAS HD-SDI was introduced after IP cameras began the megapixel revolution for HD video surveillance. HD-SDI is a closed-circuit video signal that delivers at two main resolutions: 720P (1.3-megapixels) and 1080P (2.1-megapixels). IP CAMERAS IP cameras are network based, meaning instead of connecting directly to a DVR (digital video recorder), they connect to the network via a network switch.   First thing when choosing an IP camera  and a hybrid DVR or NVR, one must check the compatibility of the recorder’s video management software (VMS) and the camera.  If the camera’s make and model is not listed on the hDVR compatibility list, then that IP camera is most likely not compatible.   

ICS330804 is a hybrid dvr by IcontrolSystems   

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DVR ICS5104 a 4 channels standalone dvr