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Ezugi Game Developer Overview

Submitted by Carder on Wed, 12/01/2021 - 01:20

You have been missing out on the actions from offline casinos, where you get to watch the actions live. Not anymore because Ezugi is here to ensure that your casino gameplay experience is not twisted.
Ezugi is an online casino developer that focuses on the development of live dealer games. The company has been in the business for over 9 years and within this time, it has worked with tens of online casino brands.
In this article, you will learn more about Ezugi, including some of the services rendered by the company.
The Goal is to Modernize Casino Games
Ezugi wants to provide extensive casino gameplay options, especially for players who want to follow the games from start to finish.
The company was established in 2012 and was quick to tap into the cutting-edge technologies that make life easier. Ezugi has also recorded tremendous success in creating modern and engaging casino game content.
Overtime, the company has been able to develop and distribute live dealer games to the trio of online gaming platforms, offline casinos and betting shops in different parts of the world.
The Game Development and Distribution Model
Ezugi partners with experienced graphic designers and software developers to develop, distribute and trigger more players to play its extensive casino games.
Over 100 operators have been hired to work at the 9 studios operated by Ezugi in different parts of the world. According to the information on the website, the list of Ezugi games is pegged at 20.
Games Developed by Ezugi
Ezugi develops lots of casino games, which cut across table games and poker. Online casino operators can also request custom options for their casino games.
Solutions Offered by Ezugi
Here are some of the solutions or services rendered by Ezugi:

  • Casino Game Development

Ezugi does not only offer live dealer games. The company also makes sure that the needs of its clients are considered at all times, which is the reason why it offers custom casino game development.
The full-suite casino game development is accentuated by the combined expertise of the tam of engineers and software developers who contribute to the development and deployment of several casino games.
Ezugi doesn’t stop at developing the games for online casinos. It also oversees the training of the dealer(s) for live performances. The company also hosts the games on its dedicated studios, as well as distributes them across the extensive network of online casino operators.

  • Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOS)

You must have imagined that Ezugi only develops live dealer games. On the contrary, the company also has interests in offline or land-based casinos.
It has collaborated with many offline casino operators and has through that network, provided offline casino gaming content to players. The company has also introduced the Electronic Point-of-Sale (EPOS) model that allows the offline casino operators to accept payments conveniently.
The EPOS is also connected to the tables and Ezugi studios via a closed circuit system. This helps the daily operations of the casino operators, thanks to the support for MV10, which allows for convenient handling of cash.
The EPOS can also be used across different payment processing systems, including Vouchers, Cabinets and Kiosks.

  • Betting Shops

Ezugi has serious considerations for offline casino games. This is why the company offers live betting shops to offer the players that live lottery-style gameplay.
At the betting shops, you can also pay without hassles, thanks to the integration of easy-to-use cashier interface. The offline betting shops also empower the operators to be in full control of the entire system. The inclusion of TV screen displays of the payouts and draws also makes it flexible for players to follow the actions live.

  • Seamless API

Considerations were also made for the transfer or migration of some casino game content to other platforms. The seamless API offered by the casino also contributes to this, thanks to the infrastructures that allow the casino operators to interact with the company in many ways.
Notable among the API functions is the Backoffice APIs that allow the casino operators to have access to every report on the Ezugi system.
Ezugi can also use the seamless API connection to connect to the wallet of the casino operator. The connection allows the company to approve the bets/wagers placed by the players, receive the winnings for the players and launch games.
Casino operators connected to the Ezugi system can also use the special API requirements to get customized solutions for their platforms.
Wrapping Up
Ezugi has an impressive track record of excellence. Haven been in the online gaming industry for 9 years - the company has been able to take note of the ins and outs and have used that to its advantage by supplying some of the best online casino content.
Rest assured that Ezugi has what it takes to offer both online and offline, customized casino gaming software for your live dealer game business.