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The external interference signal is too large

Submitted by valvepipe on Thu, 06/04/2020 - 18:29

The wave guide wire inside the liquid level meter is faulty, such as looseness, poor sealing Water corrosion, etc. Incorrect installation of the wave guide wire and distortion of signal transmission;    4.. The following Mingyu automatic control will introduce the liquid level of the magnetic flap Analysis of the cause of the false liquid level in the meter?    1. The liquid level gauge has a simple structure, intuitive and clear observation, no blockage or leakage, easy installation and simple maintenance.

The upper and lower valves Jet Pump Manufacturers are equipped with safety steel balls. The upper and lower mounting flanges of the glass plate level gauge are connected to the container to form a connector, and the actual height of the liquid level in the container can be directly observed through the glass plate. It is suitable for liquid level indication in petroleum, chemical and other industrial fields. The external interference signal is too large, which causes the circuit to obtain a false signal, not the actual measured signal;   

2.Analysis of the reasons for the false level of the magnetic flap level gauge:    Magnetic flap level gauge can be used to directly observe the liquid level height of the medium in various containers., causes signal distortion;    3. When the glass is damaged due to accidents, the steel balls are automatically sealed under the effect of the internal pressure of the container to prevent the liquid from overflowing in the container and to ensure the safety of the operator. Signal processing circuit failure