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Easy Guide to Writing Personal Statements with Precision

Submitted by ethanlee on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 12:21

Personal statements reflect your achievement and academic expertise in a detailed and appealing manner. This is important for students seeking college admissions. As a result, they end up consulting cover letter writers and other professional resume experts to get the job done. But, one must understand that a cover letter is a tad different from the personal statement. There are a few crucial aspects to be met and unique points to be added in order to make your document stand out in the crowd. So, how about referring to this comprehensive guide for satisfactory outcomes?
Use the perfect words and phrases to express better
First things first, you need to express yourself in the best possible way. And in order to do so, you should choose and use the perfect words and phrases to describe or express your credibility in a better way.
For example, if you use the word “expertise” instead of “capability” or “experience”, then it would simply add more weight and value to your statement.
So, even before you think of asking an expert to provide you with personal statement help, check and verify whether your copy comprises strong and words and jargons.
Focus on your strength and proficiency
Remember, a personal statement comprises 4,000 characters and you need to give your shot in order to make your presence and achievements felt among the college admission board. So, it is always suggested that an individual must focus on his/her strength.
For instance, you should refrain from writing, “Initially I was very good at Statistics but gave up as the subject turned out to be complicated for me.” Rather, concentrate on something you are constantly good at, highlight your achievements in that segment and boast about it in a humble yet attractive way.
Start it with a unique opening sentence
The opening sentence of the personal statement must be unique and attractive from every aspect. This is the reason why you should focus on making it humorous with interesting slants. You must remember, the personal statement is all about and how you have achieved several milestones in the past.
So, refrain from stating anything vague or ideas that do not correlate to your domain of interest. It should be original, rationally accepted and trustworthy. If you end up overdoing it with too many flowery words and incidents that lack a strong base, your application might get rejected.
Get someone to edit and proofread your personal statement
Lastly, you should prioritise proofreading and editing the document with perfection. Unless the statement is entirely flawless in terms of grammar and usage of words, you won’t be recognised by the reputable colleges. You can ask your parents, immediate seniors or professional proofreaders to go through your copy carefully, weed out all critical mistakes and eliminate them before its too late.
So, take note of the aforementioned suggestions, and get recognised as a student of mettle and diligence soon.