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Dubai Hotels and Other Short Stay Accommodation

Dubai is one probably the most perfect destination for tour, whether you tour with your pals or family. The town has many attractive places and great beach views such Jumeirah beach, the Palm Mjl Dubai, Dubai Marina etc. The town hosts for all games such horse race, golf tournaments, international tennis, million dollar lotteries etc. the world's tallest hotel The Burj Al Arab is situated in this city too.

Lots of people around from the planet visit here on holidays. There are many hotels and short stay accommodation for the tourists. The short stays are including hotel rooms, furnished apartments, villas etc. Four and five star hotels are extremely famous and are situated in very strategic places. 18 five and four stars hotels are situated around Jumeirah.

Hotel rooms cost around $500 to $1500 however city but there are lots of alternates such to book college accommodation near Dubai airport which cost around $100 to $300. The Bur Dubai has 28 two to five star hotels which charges are affordable too. Hotel rooms in Dubai are fully furnished and having most of the features.

You may get some affordable rates hotel rooms in Deira, where you can get two to five star hotels. Also Dubai Desert has two to five star hotels which costing around $200.

If you want to book hotel apartment or self catering apartment, the rates will undoubtedly be most likely higher than the hotel rooms. A resort apartment cost could be $300 to $350 while self catering apartment's rate could be around $2100 for 2 bedrooms (per week). A single bedroom apartment costs around $1500 each week, while 3 bedroom costs around $3100.