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Door Sex Swings That You Can Try

Submitted by aldollsale on Tue, 10/25/2022 - 00:44

Try the door swings with your teen sex doll!I would love to show you the sex swings if you are interested in something less traditional.
A sex swing is a great way to explore power dynamics in your relationship. Plus, hanging from a harness allows you to attain acrobatic sexual positions not possible for even the most fit of lovers.
It does all the heavy lifting so you (or your partner) can enjoy zero gravity sex without having to pull a muscle.
The door sex swing is probably the most basic type of sex swing. It is simple to set up, use, store and maintain. For beginners who want to try something new, this is the best choice.
Here are my suggestions for door sex swings.
Shots Door Swing is a supportive solution for standing sex. It comes with two acrylic tubes that you place above your door. One partner can hang in place using the padded thigh loops. The Swing is also removable and non-permanent.
The Door Swing can support up to 661 lbs (399 kg) and comes with a complimentary satin blindfold.

You can also get your own ALDOLL mini sex doll.