The Spongester: Innovatively Designed Industrial-Grade Stainless Steel Sponge Holder

Kitchen sponges are one of the most useful household tools invented to keep dishes and surfaces clean. However, these sponges can become the biggest enemy of your health if they not used properly. To prevent your sponges from the accumulation of bacteria and germs, you should let your sponges get properly dried out after use. Apart from this, you should not mix your dirty counter sponges and dirty dish spongestogether because it can cross contaminate bacteria and molds between them. Using Kitchen Sponge Bacteria of Spongester can help you stay safe from such diseases while ensuring your health and well being.

The Spongester is an industrial-grade stainless steel sponge holder specifically designed to keep sponges dry while reducing the cross-contamination between both kitchen sponges. This Sponge holder is manufactured with top-grade stainless steel and is hand-made with laser cutting and bending. Also, the Spongester is manufactured in Upstate New York, USA and is available for wholesale.

Using the Spongester allows you to keep your Good Sponge separated from that old Evil Sponge. If you want to know about the difference between good sponge and an evil sponge or know how to clean sponges, you can visit the website of The Spongester and get all the details. The Good Sponge maintains Kitchen Sponge Odor and used to clean dishes, utensils or related kitchen accessories having direct contact with your food and ultimately your mouth. On the other hand, the evil sponge is the grimy sponge which is generally used to clean the stove, sink, or the dog dish. Using The Spongester helps you keep these sponges apart and save you from being confused about picking the right sponges while cleaning your dishes or sink.

Besides this, you can give this Spongester as a gift to your friends who get confused in picking the right sponge for cleaning the Kitchen's countertop or sink when in hurry. With a space saving size and food grade material, The Spongester is becoming very popular in many homes.

Designed by Michael G. Frank, The Spongester can reduce the accumulation of germs and molds with its semi-perforated and bendable shelves that keep the smelly dish sponges in the bottom shelf .

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