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Submitted by dionford on Tue, 04/16/2019 - 04:38

If you want to be fancy and you are looking for something a little more high-end, Haswell green's is the place to go, this upscale restaurant cum beer hall is the perfect place to get your brunch and some of the tastiest delicacies that times square has to offer, the menu at this restaurant offers some of the most sought-after delicacies ranging from the chicken skewers, tortillas and other top-rated cuisines. In case you are a lover of sliders, Haswell greens serves nothing but delicious sliders, you can enjoy the delicious wood-fire pizza or explore the menu for other delicacies.

At this times square watering hole, they serve some of the best craft beers that you need for that refreshing experience, the menu comprises a popular selection of craft beer like the Guinness, rum, concoction and other locally selected craft beer. This spot is also the perfect place to enjoy an entertaining live music in times square, this place is where you can enjoy the best Live Music NYC, they have a lively atmosphere and feature some of the best artistes that will provide you with an entertaining live music performance that you need, you can always grab a tasty craft beer or cuisine while you enjoy the best Live music midtown.

One other thing that makes Haswell greens a special restaurant is the well-designed setting of the pub, the bar has a remarkable ambience that makes it a perfect destination for a romantic date or a hang out with friends, the design of the pub is inspired by the industrial revolution era with antiquated art paintings and a conducive setting that makes this place a perfect destination to enjoy a times square brunch or a midtown bachelorette brunch.

This beer hall is also the perfect place to host your favourite events, you can host a variety of events ranging from the midtown birthday brunch to a brunch live music session and many more entertaining events that you wish to host in times squares. The bar offers a lively and spacious setting with a spectacular interior decor that will make your event the talk in town.

Haswell greens is located in times squares and this beer hall is always open, you can check out this pub in case you want to grab a Broadway brunch, a tasty craft beer or an entertaining Live music venue in Midtown Manhattan.