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Digital Marketing Certification Course in Delhi

Google Ads, search engine optimization, e-mailings, social media and mobile marketing - more and more online marketing instruments are available and they offer many advantages: They are cost-efficient, flexible and can be used according to target groups. However, due to ever shorter innovation cycles and new technologies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketing managers to keep track and select the right tools. The digital marketing certificate course in Delhi as offered by DICC shows which marketing strategies and instruments you can use to increase the visibility and online reach of your offers and thus increase your company's success in the long term.

So what are the most important trends in online marketing?
• Which campaign settings are right for effective Google Ads marketing?
• How can you increase the conversion of your newsletters with professional email marketing?
• How do you run successful campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Co.?
• And which tools can you use to measure the traffic on your website and to monitor and control your measures?
In the "Digital Marketing Course" certificate course you will learn...
• which are the essential methods, tools and trends in online marketing
• how to develop an online marketing strategy and how to use the individual instruments optimally
• how you can extend the customer journey of your target groups with a good user experience and thus increase customer loyalty
• how to measure success and how to interpret and improve the relevant KPIs with web controlling
• how to effectively control agencies and service providers

Aim of the "Digital Marketing" certificate course
The certificate course conveys the essential methods, tools and trends for online marketing managers. Participants learn how to make optimal use of the various online tools - from search engine optimization and Google Ads campaigns to social media and email marketing. In this way, you can plan online marketing strategies in your own company efficiently and target-oriented and work even more effectively with service providers in the future.

Agenda of the "Digital Marketing certificate course”
Methods, key figures and trends in online marketing
• Current developments in online marketing
• Relevant terms, metrics and billing models
• Cross-channel and cross-media: the optimal marketing mix
Usability - attracting and retaining users
• Usability as the key to successful customer loyalty
• Methods and tools for usability measurement and optimization
Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Search engines: functionality and technical basics
• On-page, off-page and technical optimization for search engines
• Tips and tools for measuring and implementing SEO
Search Engine Marketing (SEA) - Google Ads Campaigns
• Structure of a Google Ads ad according to the Quality Score
• Strategic research and selection of keywords
• Booking process, control and optimization of an ads campaign
Email and newsletter marketing
• Address databases: creation and maintenance of subscriber bases
• Content marketing: (personalized) content as a success factor
• Automation of email marketing campaigns
• Useful tools and technical challenges
Special forms of advertising - from display to affiliate marketing
• Special forms of advertising at a glance: display, affiliate and viral marketing as well as re-targeting and re-marketing

Social media marketing
• Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, XING & Co .: platforms and how they work
• Define target group and set goals for B2B and B2C
• Strategies and organization of social media activities
• Ads and campaigns on Facebook & Co.

Mobile marketing and apps
• Mobile approaches and forms of advertising: website, responsive design, native and hybrid apps
• Promising measures in the app store and in-app advertising
Traffic management
• Measure and increase the success and reach of websites
• ROI calculation of online campaigns
• Tools for controlling various online marketing measures
Legal framework in online marketing
• Current case law and pitfalls from social media to email marketing
• Legal Limits to Unauthorized Advertising

Methods in the Digital Marketing certificate course
Discussion, speech, presentation, case analysis, best and worst practices, discussion of practical cases of the participants.
Please bring - if possible - a laptop / tablet to the seminar.
Target group of the "Digital Marketing certificate course”
Employees from marketing, sales and product management who get a well-founded overview of all aspects of online marketing and want to deepen their knowledge. The seminar is not only suitable for beginners, but also for experienced employees who want to update and systematize their online marketing knowledge.

Your success factors
• Certificate from the renowned Academy of German Media
• compact intensive course with a limited number of participants (also for young professionals)
• current content and direct implementation
• highly qualified speakers from the digital and media business
• Exchange of experiences and networking with colleagues

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