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Why DermaClinix is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi!

There are two kinds of ‘bald people’ in the world. The voluntarily bald and the involuntarily bald. Members belonging to the former category do not want hair on their head for some reason. It could be that they believe that hair on the head involves too much maintenance or it could just be that they believe that they can pull off the bald look really well. Honestly, who knows! However, members belonging to the latter; the ‘involuntarily bald’ are completely different. They want hair on their head at all costs. Well, those who belong to this category of people consider hair transplantation a miracle.

Within India, Delhi is one of the best known locations for hair transplantation. However, the question as to ‘Who is capable of performing the best hair transplant in Delhi
?’ is a question that’s unanswerable. Why? Because there are just too many options to choose from. There are so many good hair transplantation centers and clinics spread across the city that it’s hard to determine which one of them is responsible for the best hair transplant in Delhi. Maybe it’s all of them? Maybe the medical facilities in the city, with special emphasis on hair transplantation facilities, are so advanced that all the clinics and centers perform abnormally well? Whatever may be the reason, there’s one fact that’s established through all of this: Delhi is the hair transplantation hub of India.

But in this ‘haystack’ there is a needle that can be easily found. DermaClinix: is a hair transplantation clinic that’s run by two of the best hair transplantation surgeons in India, Dr. Kavish Chouhan and Dr. Amrendra Kumar. Both of them are very well acclaimed dermatologists. They have years of experience and unprecedented knowledge in hair transplantation; an asset that’s equally rare and valuable in India.

At DermaClinix, patients have access to world-class doctors, internationally acclaimed medical equipment and on top of it all; the services are offered at very affordable prices. As a patient at DermaClinix, you can expect to be treated by world-class, affable, empathic doctors who are at the same time are very professional in their work and value their own time. Quality service and outstanding results; a standard that DermaClinix has set for themselves after treating countless patients for a couple of decades in the same efficient and humane manner.