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Cytotec for pregnancy termination

Cytotec pill is brand medicine for generic Misoprostol. It can be used for early termination of pregnancy i.e. within 10 weeks of the gestation period. This medicine was originally developed for the treatment of stomach ulcers.


If you buy Cytotec online for pregnancy termination it should be used in combination with Mifepristone which is a primary medicine in pregnancy termination process. Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medicine and should be taken on the first day of treatment. It will cause the death of the fetus. Cytotec should be taken 24-48 hours after taking this medicine. It will dilate the cervix and will break the inner lining of the uterus causing contractions and bleeding. Pregnancy parts and intrauterine tissue will get expelled along with bleeding.

Apart from this, this medicine can be used for the treatment of stomach cavities caused by excessive reabsorption of the mucus protective layer.

Doses instructions:

If you are using this medicine for medical termination of pregnancy, it can be taken either orally or vaginally. Take this medicine 1 or 2 days after Mifepristone.

Keep 2 medicines in your mouth between your cheeks for30minutes and let them dissolve. Once they are dissolved completely swallow it. For this, you can put2 medicines in your mouth at a time.
If doctors have asked you to take this medicine vaginally, keep 4 pills of Misoprostol in your vagina and push them inside using your finger. This medicine will take 30min approx to start it working. Do not urinate till 30minutesafter taking this medicine.

If you are using this treatment for stomach ulcers take this medicine with a glass of water. You can use this medicine with or without food. Light or small meals are suggested to avoid a gastric problem like nausea.

Possible side effects:

Use of this medicine will definitely help for pregnancy termination and curing stomach ulcers, but it will cause some side effects. This medicine will start its effects after 30minutes and bleeding will start after 4-5 hours. Use of this medicine will cause cramping and bleeding, which are the expected side effects of this medicine. Apart from this, it will cause some other mild side effects they are listed below.

  • A gastric disorder like nausea, indigestion, diarrhea
  • An allergic reaction like rashes and itchiness
  • A headache, migraine
  • Low heartbeat and high or low blood pressure
    Weight Fluctuation


You must remember to follow warnings while you buy online Cytotec

  1. Do not use this medicine if you suspect or confirm an ectopic pregnancy. It won’t help in pregnancy termination and will cause life-threatening complications.
  2. If you are using IUD’s they should be removed before taking this medicine.
  3. Mix use of alcohol or smoking while taking this medicine will cause excessive vaginal bleeding.
  4. Use of this abortion pill will cause bleeding and dehydration so it is advised to don't do excessive workout and outdoor activity after taking this medicine.
  5. Avoid consumption of grapefruit or grapefruit juice when you take this abortion pill.
  6. Avoid use of this medicine if you have a brain disease or a tumor.