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Important of Hormones

Hormones mean the chemical imbalance and chemical messengers that communicate between cells. Hormones are the main player to do something especial for the process of cell metabolism. It is very important part of life because without hormones not possible any type of work. In this article you can see the importance of the hormones.
Hormones of the pancreas
Pancreas is the main part of body and it is the also a part of digestive system. It is the main function which play important role in maintaining the blood glucose level, and also help in food digestion. Pancreas is very small in size like 6 inches and it is place in the back of abdomen behind the stomach. It has many type of tissue but two tissues are very important, while the endocrine tissues release insulin, somatostatin, and glucagon, the exocrine tissues release pancreatic juice. Hormones help to circulate the blood glucose level. Pancreas also acts as the main part of the body digestion system, while it works in proper and simple digestion. There are three types of cells Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Alpha, beta, and gamma cells make up the islets of Langerhans, which are protracted throughout the pancreas. Beta cells make the 50 to 70 % islets of Langerhans. Alpha cell make up secrete glucagon approximately 23% of the cells. The last gamma cells secrete somatostatin, which ntercept secretion of other pancreatic secretions. These hormones are crucial in the development of our body.
There is some function which is located in:
1. The gland is placed in the body and close to the stomach and there are two main functions. While the reproduction activity it play important role in process of metabolism.
2. The gland circulate the regular blood sugar and glucose level in the blood storms with the hormones insulin and glucagon, and the digestion system make a high level of metabolism enzymes.
3. The main function of regulation of blood glucose level in the body is taking away with the help of beta or alpha cells. Which stash the glucagon and insulin respectively.
4. When the blood circulation gets abnormal and it direct effect on the alpha cells which synthesize glucagon and it convert glucagon in to glucose level reserve in the liver. This is placed in the bloodstream. That’s by the all type of health problem and diabetes create by the regulate manner.
5. There are many type of disorder like hormones are the main and very important part of our body system all the important work of body and production depends on these hormones. When hormones imbalanced due to some dissimilarity with the gland, It affects the full body and body system.
6. We detect some problem due to imbalance hormones are pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, cystic fibrosis, and diabetes. Hormonal problem usually create by the human excitement and his or her extra sexual relation, they reproduce many times in a day. These are some important causes of chemical and hormones misbalance.
7. Pancreas plays the main role of hormones imbalanced due to sexual relation. Due to some reason it has convert into the pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer is another dangerous disease for the body. It is very harmful for human. In our body many type of tissue present in other words it is simple and hub of cell and everyone connect to each other. It affects with the pancreas cancer and they can get different type of cancer. By time to time it can get at high level cancer and it after the final stage it is very dangerous for the health and body.
It means hormones is very important for our health and body also, when we make a relation between someone then stay protective always and make a healthy relation between them.