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Important of Hormones

Hormones mean the chemical imbalance and chemical messengers that communicate between cells. Hormones are the main player to do something especial for the process of cell metabolism. It is very important part of life because without hormones not possible any type of work. In this article you can see the importance of the hormones.
Hormones of the pancreas

Mental Health

Everyone has to care about mental health because it is very important for human and animals also. It is a psychological cause to enter into this position. If you and your friend and your any family member will suffer from this mental disorder condition, so they defiantly knew what it is. It is a big problem to maintain your body and stay in real life. There are many factors such as abuse in childhood many kinds of brain injury. Now we are talking about mental disorder and how can we deal with it.

There is some reason:

•          Loneliness

•          Preparation

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