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Fat and Feeling Good Doesn't Last As We Get Older

Some might say that it never Proactol XSfeels good to be fat, and I would agree. However, to those that have been fat all their lives, they may not feel like they're missing out on anything. And the truth is, a younger person that's 50 pounds overweight may not feel hindered by the extra weight one bit. In fact, some guys may even prefer it to a skinnier and smaller self.

The problem is we can't stay young forever, and our bodies just don't handle the extra weight as efficiently as we age. Joints start to ache, or worse fail. The feet and back start to hurt. Doing the same daily choirs becomes much more of a task as we age.

So what's the magic number? Well, if there is a magic number then it's probably different for each person. Personally speaking, I found that my number was 35. Once I hit 35 everything started becoming more difficult, and most of that could be attributed to the extra weight I was carrying.

The moral of the story is that we may take certain things for granted while we're young and we really need to look out for our overall health as we age. If a 35 year old feels lousy because of the extra body fat, how will that same person feel like at 45 or 55? It gets more and more grim.

We simply need to fight harder and smarter as we age to combat the fat any way we can.