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Submitted by daforadic on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 13:39

Our Company supplying full-size dog grooming and pet retail boutique specializing mostly in pet breeds -- such as pedigree, rare breeds, combined and rescue. Cats will also be welcome.

Since the beginning of DA, its excellent reputation was predicated on first-class customer support, its love of animals and its own professional and knowledgeable personnel -- such as faithful, experienced groomers -- and its own choice of quality unique retail products.

As a first client of Doggie Avenue and a owner of 3 Coton de Tulears and one home-grown Doggie Avenue Yorkie, we're keeping everything in the household. New possession means no changes in title, grooming employees, services or aesthetics, which ensures that a smooth transition December 2016.

Please notewe reserve the right to deny acceptance of aggressive dogs. We urge the proprietors of these debatable pets send their pets pre-sedated, administered by a vet or prescribed drugs by the pet owner. The staff in Doggie Avenue won't accept any obligation to administer any meds delivered together with the pet supplied by the pet owner.