CSGO: Let CSGO Sound System Become Your Radar

For CSGO, when it comes to the choice on “Press the key to speak “and” free speech “, I personally support the key to speak, because CS: GO voice is very important, yazı tura cs go and free speech may interfere with the teammates treatment of the mess, from the mess into a tragedy is not happy.

In the case of knowing the distance, it is also to remind you that the sound insulation is very small in the CS: GO wall, that is, as long as the sound is transmitted within the distance, even across the thick wall is still able to hear all Kinds of sound. So often in some important sections it need the static step in advance to prevent their actions to be found by others, or listen to the sound in the near wall in the necessary way, this can find the enemy when they pass by and then have a time to prepare in advance.

The last point is to use the shift key, in many cases the use of shift will decide whether to make a sound. For example, when you pick up the ground weapons, the running pick up will make out of the sound, and pick up with the shift running will not; another example, jumping on the steps, when you jump on the protrude ground and fall down the ground, with shift is not able to send out the sound. Otherwise jump from the raised ground will send out the sound, but in the case of the ground is not high it can be silent through the method to achieve a silent effect. The last thing is to hope that every player can keep the whole mute good habit in the uncertain situation (unless the time is not enough and the situation is very emergent or deliberately let the other side to know). Because you can enhance their attention, and then can reduce the disclosure of one’s own key information (such as point guard station, etc.).  cs go jackpot siteleri 2017 Hope that this article can help every CSGOer have a deeper understanding on listening the sound to distiguish the position when playing the CSGO.