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Corporate Training for the Gen-Z Employee: Everything You Need to Know

The current Corporate Training scene is packed with buzz about upskilling and reskilling the modern Gen Y workforce. We have spoken about designing eLearning Management Systems to address the learning habits of the Millennial employee. However, there is a new generation of learners grabbing new roles in organizations. Namely the Gen Z, these individuals are born in the middle 90s and have grown up in the 2000s.

Working in tandem with Gen Y, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, the Gen Z workforce has their own unique learning traits. So we need to address their training needs as well. But let’s first understand their major behavioral patterns. The dynamic Generation Z loves flexibility and is drawn toward technology, especially smartphones. They are used to working in an agile and fast organizational set-up. They are usually workaholics, extremely ambitious, and do not mind additional office hours. Yes, they have a different set of traits.

Since the Gen Z will form a major percentage of your workforce in the near future, it is essential to incorporate their learning expectations in your Lms Software. So how do you do that? Let us get started!

Think Visually Rich eLearning Management Systems, Segmented into Micro Modules

Commonly referred to as the iGeneration, these employees are recent college graduates. Since they are quite familiar with the digital world, they are comfortable with remote working models and virtual communication channels. They do not even know how to adjust without the internet. The Gen Z understands how to maintain connectivity 24x7! In fact, they are prone to absorbing information in bites -- from multiple devices and gadgets. They can easily multitask on several screens -- all at once. Hence, you can use this trait to design an LMS software, which is segmented into brief, easily absorbable micro chunks

And these youngsters are drawn to image-rich media -- a trait that defines their engagement with social media. Give them a project and they instantly know where to search for resources -- Wikipedia, YouTube, or Quora -- you name it! Therefore, when you design an LMS software for the Gen Z, think of visually rich courses, embedded with mixed media.

Reinforce Human Collaboration

Gen Z-ers have strong virtual communication and online collaboration skills. Their entrepreneurial spirit enables them to work independently without seeking much additional help. This is a good trait, no doubt. However, to help them build their interpersonal skills, you should encourage human collaboration and connections. You won’t be needing to train them in using technology but you might need to hone up their offline skills. And you can use their online prowess to promote virtual collaboration via forums, group discussions and Q&A sessions.

Introduce Flexibility

Ensure that your Gen Z oriented E Learning Management System is flexible. Again, since this dynamic generation prefers self-study and autonomy, you need to give them more choices and freedom when they pick their subjects to be trained on. Incorporate elements that boost their engagement and self-confidence in the midst of corporate training sessions.

Go Mobile

Gen Z-ers prefer technology that is responsive, easy to use, and accessible. If you use old or complicated software, they might get overwhelmed and simply drop out of the course. Therefore, opt for a mobile first and mobile only LMS software.

Well, this is all for now. If you incorporate the aforementioned elements in your corporate training model for Gen Z-ers, you can efficiently up skill this young, agile workforce!