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Clear Aligners Versus Traditional Braces

The two heavyweights of orthodontic care are clear aligners and traditional braces. They have now been used for decades, sometimes longer, for correcting smiles. If you've been considering orthodontic care for straightening your smile, You may be wondering which of these are best for you. In this article, we go over both orthodontic devices' top features and how they could benefit you and your smile.
Hands down, the winner of comfort is the clear aligner. Those that have had metal braces can attest to the discomfort they feel wearing metal braces. This is because metal brackets and wire are used for shifting the teeth. This can be quite uncomfortable, not to mention can get in the way of eating and other activities.
With clear aligners, most remark that they are nowhere near as noticeable, and only have minor discomfort a few days with the new retainer. Generally, those that wear aligners find treatment to be much more enjoyable.
Metal braces are clearly not removable. These are affixed to the front of your teeth and connected by wire and rubber bands. For many individuals, the fact that metal braces aren't removable is a hindrance and a deterrent for seeking orthodontic care. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are quite different. They are removable. For those that want something that they can remove, care for their teeth, or would like to eat as they prefer, aligners are the clear winner. Many adults and teens prefer the removable factor versus those options that stick to the fronts or backs of your teeth.
Caring For Your Teeth
When it comes to traditional braces, it’s not hard to see that cleaning your natural teeth can be somewhat of a pain. There is some hardware you’ll need to work around as you brush and floss. With Invisalign, you simply remove the clear aligner and brush and floss as you would normally. The retainer does not limit your ability to care for your teeth, nor does it impact the way that you eat and drink. However, you must keep the retainer in for 22 hours out of the day to get the best results.
Are Clear Aligners Right For Teens?
Most teens will be happy to hear that clear aligners are a suitable option for correcting alignment problems with their smiles. Though, parents may need to adjust their budget for the Invisalign treatment. Most insurances do not cover clear aligners completely. Check with your provider to learn if this is a treatment that is covered.