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Best Workplace

Fortune has published a list of the 100 best places to work. The first place was taken by Google. Even Henry Ford realized that the key to the company’s success is its people. Therefore, he tried to create a comfortable working environment for them. However, the working conditions that Google management has come up with for their employees, defies the imagination of the average office worker. There are a number of obvious reasons. First, the company really cares about its employees, providing them not only comfortable and practical jobs but also a wonderful leisure spot. There are not many companies where an employee is able to spend time at the wellness center or on the sports field, including a skating rink; playing roller hockey, basketball, and many other sports.
Second, each employee during the work over Google’s services can take a break and do his/her own projects. It is a great possibility for any employee to continue in parallel improving his/her own skills, while Google will still pay him/her a salary. It really admires. And, finally, the realization that each employee is a part of something great that billions of people on the planet are using, can influence only fascinating. The work environment here is pretty positive and friendly however, the notes of competition are present among employees. Such an environment highly motivates them to work harder, make personal and professional development in pursuit of new achievements. As a result, the company is in the leading position of both market and employment rate lists.
The second place of the top 100 received another IT-company, though it was not Apple or Microsoft, it was SAS. The leader of solutions in the field of business intelligence, that drags the attention towards its employees with their high salaries, bonuses and numerous working philosophy, which can be described as creative anarchy that leaves ample opportunities for personal initiative. The employees of this company have the opportunity to get medical care right in the office, the children are able to attend a good kindergarten, and in summer get an opportunity to go to the camp. Apart from these services, the employees get their car washed, may visit a beauty salon and a fitness center with an area of 6000 square meters. According to one of the managers of SAS: “people are working for the company in many ways because they feel that they are treated with respect: they pay attention, help them, care for them”. Companies from the Fortune list, especially its leaders are a cherished dream of job seekers: for every position in the SAS were more than 100 applicants sent their CVs for every SAS position and in 2011, the company received nearly 50 thousand resumes, which is 56% higher than a year earlier. Therefore, SAS company is motivating its employees by the postulates of success, motives, values, and rationality. While maintaining high standards in their overseas offices, major U.S. companies are becoming world’ samples standards of staff care.
Rounding out the top five most comfortable places to work in the U.S. it is necessary to mention the grocery chain supermarket Wegmans Food Markets, which demonstrates rare care about employees among retailing companies. Wegmans Food Market, a family-owned company that manages a network of grocery stores. Its TP-Index is 136 thousand dollars corresponds to the average of the industry. This company has made the health of workers as its religion. Since 2009 the company has organized a free program for smoking cessation for its employees, and this year opened a health hotline that is working 24/7. More than 2,000 employees have completed the program and quitted smoking. Wegmans Food Market employees, along with congratulations, receive coupons for food before the holidays. They can get some ham, fresh turkey and pumpkin cheesecake. Wegmans Food Market is famous for its educational program. There are many high school students and recent high school graduates starting their career, and for the past century quarter, the company has spent $ 81 million to 25 million of its young employees for a college education. And the specialty they can choose is up to their taste.
Today, employers are increasingly aware of what tangible benefits they can bring with them, happy employees. It is a rather good tendency that is important for all the companies around the world to adhere to. Highly- motivated employees can create the strongest competitive advantage of the company in the market.
The article was written by Chloe Bailey, professional write at