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Free Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions

Submitted by CBTF on Sat, 03/23/2019 - 12:36

One of the most popular games in India is cricket and in fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the cricket enjoys the most exalted status in the popular sports of India. Apart from being a game that uses the stamina both in and body, the cricket is also a great game that offers a variety of versions and formats right from test to ODI, cricket betting tips and IPL. Apart from that, the betting on cricket is an activity that not only thrills a cricket lover but also offers some decent profit capitalizing on one’s skills and analytical abilities. Here are a few free cricket betting tips to gauge the bets type o betting suiting your specific cricket skills and analytical stamina:

Final Results
The most widely popular preference for the bettors is the final results. Being the ultimate, betting on the final can both be a rewarding and thrilling experience. You can choose between the home win, or away win or draw that largely depends upon the range of results. A test match, for instance, can afford all the three options while a world cup 20Twenty game will not include the third option as the presence of super overs prevent draws.

Man of the match
If you are eyeing at a tidy profit and are pretty good at recognizing the talent of individual players then maybe you can think seriously of betting for the man of the match. The amount is generous and depending on your skills you may be in for a surprising amount at the end of the game without having to invest too much of the gray cells! However don’t only assume the performance of the player of the skills he possesses but also the weather, pitch and other vital factors should also be taken into considerations.

Top 10 Batsmen - IPL Betting tips

The top batsmen allow you to select the players that score the top runs for each team.  You should pay attention to the players who are playing within the top 6 and the once with great form. That is because the names that made it t top 6 will have more chanced to be recognized, top batsmen.

Depending upon the specific skills one might be a great batsman during ODI but can disappoint by is a performance in test cricket as one has to take into account the time constraints, game rules and other factors that can influence the results. SO you need to ensure that the players you are choosing should be able to meet the criteria for the particular type of cricket betting tips free they are playing.