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Came over to try RuneScape back in december

Submitted by Dingbest on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 18:09

I select my avenues and work towards my goals wether it is to grind out a skill for a particular journal or a pursuit released 10 years ago with a fantastic reward. I am able to leave and pick up RuneScape in 1 year and that I wont have to play catch up since I missed a slew of dailies or my equipment isnt considered obsolete and shit since I missed 2 new dungeons or raids. I typically dislike mmos, particularly theme park mmos because I dont need to deal with them just like another job/a job to keep myself applicable. There is also no sentimental value to plenty of OSRS gold those items because I know they are gonna become obsolete in the next huge patch. In osrs I will get an infernal cape and use this shit with pride since it has been one of, if not the very prestigious thing in RuneScape for 3 years. Give me a mythic thing in WoW and it'll become obsolete in another raid.

So I have seen people talk about playing Oldschool Runescape and enjoying it almost on a daily basis and that I wished to ask you guys this, should I get into Oldschool Runescape? What is something which makes it stick out among MMORPGs. Is this RuneScape I can enjoy solo or is playing friends advocated? What do you personally enjoy about playing it? Try it out. It is very grindy though and time gated at things. It has almost a cult like following and imo is actually a really fantastic game. You can 100% appreciate it solo and really the only thing you need friends to get are if you would like to get into late game bossing(and to be social).

Hours spent clicking. All while trying to find a shot of dopamine. Should you begin you wont cease, youll become hooked. All of the articles in RuneScape technically can be done solo, however it'd be best to locate a few buddies in RuneScape game. PKing looking for awesome loot, or bossing and seeking to obtain a sick fall, or hint hunting hoping to get lucky.

Why is RuneScape stick out, the amount of robots in RuneScape and individuals scamming, if you do play only dont commerce with other folks, utilize the grand exchange when possible, there is only 1 case where you have to trade somebody and thats during a quest. (Or Loot splitting) Here at osrs we're all addicts that refuse to find help.

1000s of hours, addicts, continuous grind, robots, scammers, this is exactly what your life will end up. People joking about with a common objective of killing that previous boss, youll enjoy learning all of this a lot. Then in the end youll see white lights meaning you didnt receive a drop, youll open the chest and locate saltpetre and pure character basically worthless loot, and find the final 27 minutes of buy RS gold gold gameplay was totally useless.and youll be angry again. Its soul beating the majority of the moment, there's a silver lining, if youve never played with it before dont begin.