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C section vs. Normal delivery

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Submitted by Zealthy on Mon, 08/10/2020 - 00:29

Are you planning for welcoming the new guest to the family? And not sure about how? Well, you can bring it to this world through the traditional process of normal delivery if you don't have any complications or you may go for a cesarean section if you don't feel safe trying the traditional method. Both are okay if your health condition supports that certain procedure.

Cesarean section is a surgical procedure of childbirth which involves an incision which is made on the abdominal wall and continues through penetrating the uterus to take out the baby. It is a preferred method of child delivery when normal delivery is not considered to be safe for the mother.
There are two types of cesarean section.
Lower segment cesarean section
Classical cesarean section

Lower segment cesarean section - in this surgical procedure, the incision is made in the lower segment of the uterus to extract the baby .

Classical cesarean section - it is the oldest method of cesarean section in which the incision is made in the upper segment of the uterus to extract the baby.

Normal delivery is a natural process of child birth which is a spontaneous process and doesn’t involve any external stimulation to accelerate the phenomena. It is the most safest way of delivering the baby into the world. According to the WHO report , approximately 70-80% women who go through normal delivery of child birth process are at low risk than others.