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The Fall of Oriath Video Update

The Fall of Oriath video from Grinding Gear Games has some images of upcoming monsters being included in POE Goods . These Nazi inspired foes will truly test players inside the upcoming content patch.

Fall of Oriath Hands-On Preview

Blizzard’s Diablo II is a huge tough act to follow along with. Many developers have tried in the past, but none have truly had time to get lightning to strike twice again from the POE Currency genre until Grinding Gear Games threw its hat in to the ring while using release of Path of Exile in 2013. The game has enjoyed incredible popularity amongst ARPG fans and also the team is cranking out numerous expansions during the last couple of years to good success.

Devs Primed to Answer Your Questions About Oriath & More

Now how the POE Currency team has received a possiblity to get players settled in to The Fall of Oriath expansion, they're willing to take on questions about the increase, the event process, issues / celebrations pertaining to the game, and easily about any topic PoE-related imaginable. We've partnered with Grinding Gear to offer you the opportunity to ask those burning questions.

Controller support worked well

You are restricted to using POE Currency skills all the time, and incredibly 4 instantly being able to navigate around and chase enemies was clean and precise. Using flasks and belt potions is usually intuitive. Picking up items up and running could be a slight bear community . does seem there seemed to be some logic that items were selected to be able when you were obtaining a ton of items immediately.

Game Duel: Lineage Eternal vs. Lost Ark

Game Duel: Lineage Eternal vs. Lost ArkIn Game Duel, we pit POE Currency games against each other inside a battle that probably will be decided by YOU, the squad. Current games or upcoming titles will enter a duel that the very best will survive. May the most beneficial games win!LINEAGE ETERNAL: TWILIGHT RESISTANCE vs. LOST ARKThere's been a great deal of talk about an authentic Diablo MMO, also referred to as being a Diablo-killer.

MapleStory 2 revealed with Korean teaser site

One of the very successful free MMORPGs ever yet still running today, MapleStory 2 Mesos , will almost certainly get a sequel in 2014. The developer is N Square, the studio that marks a cooperation between Nexon and NCsoft and which developing balance anticipated Mabinogi 2: Arena.We already knew regarding the development of MapleStory 2 for several years now but here is the first time we've got official news upon it.

MapleStory 2 may be the latest game to participate in the Battle Royale craze

The Battle Royale craze is expanding from the obviously suited games - shooters - to others which aren't exactly intended for survival combat. After the fantasy MMORPG Moonlight Blade revealing which a BR mode is already from the test servers, now then it's time for another MMORPG to feature a Battle Royale mode - MapleStory 2.

Armored Digimon Arrive In Korea’s Version Of Digimon Masters

The Korean version of online RPG Digimon Masters Online Tera continues to be updated together with the new inclusion of Armored Digimon Digivolutions, or Capsule Digimon.

These new versions—Flamedramon, Halsemon, Pegususmon and Nefertimon—all have new skills and talents for your Digimon trainer to contact in the heat of battle.

Participate in events

DMO Tera has weekly events that offer players bonus items and experience. Those who are not able to buy actual money items can continue to earn premium items free of charge just by attending the special occasions.

Improve character and digital Digimon level

In order to deliver Digimon Masters Online Tera players while using pursuit of high-level challenges and rich and interesting content, the "Save my love" revision will fully help the character level to LV.90, Digimon level to LV.99, allowing players to complete more exciting adventures. Enjoy a unique game journey.


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