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The Best Things to Do in North Seattle

If you’re in the Seattle area, there are plenty of things to do and see. North Seattle is a separate part of the city with its own things to do. Whether you are living in apartments in North Seattle or just renting a place for a vacation, here are the top things to do in North Seattle!
Pike Place Market
This is the best place to go for food in North Seattle. It’s the oldest farmers’ market in the United States. You can get fresh food, fresh fish, and fresh produce. You can also roam the stalls and talk to the vendors about what they sell.
As soon as you see the outside of the market, you’ll recognize the iconic sign. It’s one of the staples of Seattle and you have to visit it during your time here. If you are living in the city, you will be sure to go here several times a month to get food.
Visit the Cafes
While Seattle has many coffee shops all across the city, North Seattle has some of the best ones. You can walk around the city and stop at one of the coffee shops or two. Seattle has some of the best coffee in the country, so you are sure to find a cup of something you love whether it be hot or iced.
Some of the cafes are also art shops, so you can browse the art while sipping a cup of joe. Make sure to support the local artists by buying pieces when you can or making a donation to some of the coffee shops that are non-profits.
Check Out the Space Needle
Taking a ride in the Space Needle is one of the best ways to explore the city because you get an aerial view. You are able to admire the views of the city through the glass floor. It can be kind of scary if you are afraid of heights, but the experience is worth it.
Near the Space Needle, you can also find many more things to do including the Pacific Science Center and the Climate Pledge Arena. They also have a Museum of Pop Culture that is worth experiencing.
Take a Harbor Cruise
If you are new to Seattle and are just becoming a resident here, you should check out the Harbor Cruises. It’s a fantastic way to learn about the history of the city and to experience more of what the city has to offer.
The cruises start downtown but they will take you up through North Seattle where you can learn about the sites and history of the northern part of the city.