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"Elder Scrolls Online" will likely be launched on Google Stadia in 2020, cross-playing with PC / Mac players

Submitted by Bale on Thu, 11/14/2019 - 02:25

Now that we understand exactly which games are going to be available and playable on Google Stadia later this month, my first thought would be to see what else has not been released yet, complete game list Quite long. It is worth noting that this only real MMORPG out there, "The Elder Scrolls Online" will never appear during the time of release, and will not likely fully enter Stadia until 2020.

I got in touch with Bethesda and commented on the ESO launch time on Stadia. I heard that although ESO was only on the platform until 2020, ZeniMax Online Studios President Matt Firor confirmed that the game will have Stadia's functional cross-platform capabilities and EU and All PC players on large servers in North America. But as long as it is the same account, you can use ESO Gold in the account, no matter which server.

The spokesman said: "This is the same way that Steam users and regular ESO PC users play games on the same server." For ESO players, this is good news, because it means if you are already on a PC or Mac. , there is no need to restart on the new server. However, this does raise the question of whether you need to create a new account with a new role, or you can use the Stadia version with your existing Steam and Bethesda accounts.

When I asked the same representative about how the account worked, all I got was: "About Stadia, we have nothing new to say," so the wait is still going on.

I use the game's native Bethesda client version within the NA Super Server to experiment with games about the PC, so I hope the Stadia version could take advantage of these accounts. I am still far away from the experts of The Elder Scrolls Online, but my level is OK, the same as my Argonian Warden. My account continues to have a lot of savings or purchases of Buy ESO Gold at IGGM, and I do not want to lose him if I can!