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Blue Mages and PvP are top considerations for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15

Submitted by Bale on Wed, 12/11/2019 - 02:31

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15 was released earlier, and it has made considerable updates to the PvP mode of Blue Mage jobs and the popular MMO.

There are many contents in this update. For example, there is a lot of new furniture, new expressions look like palms of face, new mounts, and new minions, all of which can be purchased with FFXIV Gil. Although detailed information on these items and formulations is not yet available, there are many new items and formulations.

About Blue Magician! The maximum level of monster skill usage wizards has been increased to 60 and six new missions have been added. Naturally, this means learning many new blue magic spells, as well as a new stage added to the masked carnival. Amazingly, the Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.15 also added a blue mage log. This way you can team up with other Blue Mages to participate in specific dungeons, trials, and raids. Each week you will also see specific entries marked with an asterisk, indicating that they are "Weekly Goals." Completing these missions will provide additional Allied Seals and Gils.

If you are a PvP player, you will be glad to know that Onsal Hakair (Danshig Naadam) has been added to Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15. No, not only did I stumble over the keyboard. This is called.

This is the frontline map, which means three teams with up to 24 players are fighting. If you completed the Naadam mission in Stormblood, the mission is very similar. You need to fight against Ovoos by activating it regularly, and successful capture will increase your team's tactical level. Some are more valuable than others, and once it is occupied, it belongs to the conquering team until it becomes inactive again.

Blue Mages and PvP are the first considerations in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15, but the full notes are explained in more detail on the official website and IGGM. If you want to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you can also go to IGGM to buy, I think you will be satisfied.