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If you are looking to check out one of the most influential players in the NYC’s craft cocktails scene you should visit the three monkey’s cocktail bar. This fascinating red sox bar is where the craft beer fun starts and ends in midtown. At this upscale Boston Celtics bar, you can enjoy a tasty selection of craft beer in Midtown Manhattan, whether at your relaxation time or during a fun-filled corporate happy hour nyc period, they have everything you can possibly enjoy ranging from the popular selection of craft beer to locally crafted beer and many more delicious craft cocktails.

This upscale craft beer bar near you is where you will find some of the most delicious craft beer ranging from the tasty rum, concoction, Guinness and other delicious craft beer in New York. While you can bask in the availability of more than 30 craft beer there are also entertaining activities for you to enjoy, this Boston red sox bar offers a lively sport watching experience for sport lovers and some of the most delicious delicacies on the menu. When it comes to sports, the three monkeys bar provides you with a top-notch sport watching experience, this Boston bruins bar is fully equipped with big TV screens, a lively atmosphere and a good sense of camaraderie that gives you an entertaining experience.

For the dishes, the three monkeys bar serves you an authentic piece that will make for a perfect brunch in hell’s kitchen, the menu comprises delicious cuisines that range from the sliders to contemporary Mac and cheese, avocado smash and other delicious meal. In case you are looking to enjoy a tasty brunch or dinner you can head over to this Boston bruins bar in New York and be sure to have a memorable gastronomic experience.

While you can enjoy entertaining red sox sports at this red sox bar in midtown, a delicious cuisine and a top-notch craft beer menu, the three monkeys bar also presents you with a comfortable bi-level space that is perfect for hosting your private events, at this hell’s kitchen craft pub, you can host your favorite events ranging from cocktail parties to birthday events and many more entertaining events, you can choose to use the event space midtown nyc for hosting your special occasion.

This Boston red sox bar in New York also offers some of the most entertaining Karaoke in midtown, you can always enjoy the best Karaoke in New York while you grab a delicious craft beer or the tasty sliders.

The three monkey's bar is always opened on Mondays to Sundays and the bar is located at hell's kitchen neighborhood, you always can come over to this Boston Celtics bar New York for a tasty happy hour session or for an entertaining sports.